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New & Noteworthy

The fitness trends taking off in 2019

What will 2019 bring to an already hot fitness market? Equinox group fitness instructor Buddy Macuha says wearables will gain momentum, as will new classes designed to soothe work stress (phew). “In addition, we’ll see shorter workouts,” he says (thanks, HIIT!). Here are three other trends gaining traction.

Boxing. ’90s-style kickboxing is out as more gyms are offering group fitness in regular boxing form. Chains are even popping up dedicated exclusively to this intense (and fun!) workout.

Workout vacations. Make that time off count with a fitness cruise or fitness adventure like Escape to Shape. Luxury gym Equinox is opening its own hotels this year and launching high-end tours … summit chasing in Morocco, anyone?

Virtual group fitness. Whether you’re joining a studio cycling class from home via Peloton (creator of a stationary bike with a screen for streaming classes) or battling on a VR fitness game, expect to see the virtual world make real strides this year.

The unstoppable rise of Low-carb pastas

Ah, pasta. The ultimate comfort food for the cold months was deemed to be healthier than we thought last year in several studies of low-GI (glycemic index) diets. But what if you’re following a low-carb diet? These alternatives will still satisfy your pining for pasta—they’re winning fans all the time.

Look for newer pastas that are made from beans and lentils (an option that also packs more protein!). Red lentils, black beans, adzuki beans and even mung beans are used in a variety of brands found in most natural health retailers.

You may have noticed the flood of cauliflower-based alternatives in grocery stores in recent months, from rice to pizza crust. Now, cauliflower pasta is on the list too!

Sometimes “pasta” doesn’t have to be pasta at all … it can be old-school veggies! Try spaghetti squash for a light and easy noodle substitute or get into “zoodles” (noodles made from spiralized zucchini).

2019: A plastic-free Odyssey (hurrah!)

A slew of studies has increased awareness about health concerns surrounding plastic. And of course, plastic has wreaked havoc on our environment for years. No wonder many of the hottest new products have axed the passé plastic packaging!

Instead of buying plastic bottles of shampoo, look for new shampoo bars (and solid conditioners!) that ditch the container completely.

It’s estimated that over a billion tubes of toothpaste are thrown out every year. Make a dent in this pile of plastic by switching your brand for new ones in glass containers that are 100 percent recyclable. Some even send you refills for your glass jar so you can keep reusing it!

It’s no secret that water bottles are one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste. And while there are plenty of reusable bottle alternatives, now there are even edible ones! They’re especially good for reducing waste during marathons.


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