Hot gear / healthy goods


Hot gear / healthy goods

Hero In-Home Medication Manager

Never forget to take your supplements again! With Hero, you program your supplement schedule into the Hero app, which alerts you when it’s time to take them. Head to the Hero dispenser (which also alerts you with a flashing light and sound), and with the press of a button, supplements you’ve preloaded into it are sorted and dispensed for you. The device can handle a month’s worth of up to 10 different supplements or medications in pill form. @herohealth;

Fitbit Versa

The Versa is a super slim and comfortable fitness tracker. We love that it comes preloaded with Strava—everybody’s favorite social fitness network—and has four days of battery life. It also tracks resting heart rate (when this starts creeping up, you know it’s time for a rest day!). Plus, there’s a female health tracking feature: You can log your periods, get basic fertility tracking and compare your cycle to other metrics, like sleep. @fitbit;

NutriBullet Balance

This smart blender pairs with an app to track nutrition data for smoothies, soups and more in real time. Once you tell the app which ingredient you’re tossing in the NutriBullet (say, “strawberries”), it starts calculating the calories, carbs, protein, etc. that ingredient is contributing to your concoction. How? The blender’s Bluetooth-enabled base has a smart scale that sends data to your phone. The app also provides recipes tailored to your dietary preferences (like “vegan”) and wellness goals (“detox/cleansing” ftw!). @thenutribullet;

Normal Bicycles

Wooden bicycles? Yep, they’re a thing—and these ones are handcrafted in Buffalo, NY, by a husband-and-wife team. Each bike frame consists of maple tubes lined with carbon fiber on the inside, plus an outer coating that protects the wood from the elements. Titanium fasteners and aluminum alloy hold it all together. Because of wood’s properties (think a little give and a lot of strength), the lightweight bikes offer a smooth, connected ride. @normalbicycles;

Nyakio Quinoa Depuffing & Firming Eye Cream

If your eye bags are the size of two small suitcases (hey—we’ve all been there), this cream is for you. It takes down puffiness under your eyes starting the moment the cooling ceramic tip applicator hits your skin (ahhh). It’s vegan and cruelty free and contains no sulfates, phthalates, parabens or formaldehyde. Bonus: The star ingredient, quinoa, is believed to hydrate skin. @nyakiobeauty;

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