12 Ways to Save Money and Have Fun as a Staycation Expert


Are you already a staycation expert? Have you ever thought of becoming a tourist in your own home town? The stay-at-home vacation is becoming increasingly popular and with these immediate benefits, it’s no wonder.

There’s no packing required! Suddenly you have wardrobe options and can take as many shoes as you want. If the weather changes you have choices. You can make the last-minute decision to pick up a hat or a brolly as you walk out the door!

There are no expensive airfares or accommodation costs, and you know in advance what your room and facilities will be like so there’s unlikely any need to complain to the management!

Get the most out of your staycation by setting aside 2-3 weeks, or longer if you want. Visit the local information centre and arm yourself with some brochures of the latest tours and free events and activities near you. Plan so that you get to experience it all.

Here are 12 of my favourite tips for your staycation itinerary.

Take a Hop-on-Hop-off-Style Bus Tour

These bus tours are a great way to orient yourself with the most popular places to visit and are often full of visitors to your city or town so it’s great place to strike up a conversation with other visitors. Connect with other visitors – ask them what brought them to your city or town.

Visit Your Local Museums

Visit art, historical, air/space or motor-vehicle, sports museums or whatever your interest. Even if you’ve been before, exhibitions frequently change so be sure to catch the latest. Many of them are free entry to locals so don’t forget to ask.

Go to the Movies on Your Staycation

The movies are a great place to do date night with hubby or catch up with a friend to share some time together. Have some fun – try out a 3D experience complete with popcorn!

Take a Sunset Cruise

Does your city have a river, lake or ocean cruise showing the city lights by night? It’s an inexpensive way to spend an evening enjoying the sights, trying somewhere different for dinner and enjoying a bit of touristy fun.

Catch a Match

Baseball, hockey, football, cricket – anything that takes your fancy. Buy a ticket for a match and get swept up in the hype of the game. Be sure to cheer heartily and be an active part of the crowd!

Take a Late Afternoon Walk

Watching the sun set over the water is such a powerful experience and always has an uplifting effect for me. No beach? What about a riverside walk, or wander down by the lake to enjoy the fading afternoon sun?

Pack a Delicious Picnic Lunch

Take a leisurely drive into the country with a packed lunch. Make sure you take the scenic route (you’re not in a hurry, remember). Find a beautiful spot to enjoy your picnic lunch. Be sure to take your camera for a few staycation photo album snapshots.

Go Window Shopping

Shop with a friend and treat yourselves to a lovely lunch in one of your favourite restaurants. Spending time with friends is relaxing and something we should do more of.

Read a Book

My ultimate luxury is to read a book from cover to cover without interruption. Take a rug to the park and chill out under a shady tree or go to your local café, settle into one of their comfy couches and splurge on one of their coffee creations while you relax and read.

Plan a Special Night Out

Call a taxi to take you out to dinner at your favourite restaurant and indulge yourself with one of your favourite treats. Arrange to meet friends, and make it a fun night out for you all.

See a Show

Major cities have a range of theatre options including ballet, opera and dance whilst smaller centres have playhouse theatres with plays and other fun events. Be sure to dress up for the evening and do supper afterwards.

Take a City Walking Tour

Walking tours are springing up everywhere and have become some of my favourite holiday experiences. Usually the guides are locals who are full of knowledge and great storytellers, so they make it a fun experience. Learn something new about your own city or town.

Sometimes our own towns are the last places we explore. Plan your staycation itinerary and enjoy your next holiday with a local expert.

Have you ever taken a staycation? Is there a tourist destination in your city or town that you have never visited? What is your favourite activity for a stay-at-home holiday? Please join the conversation.

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