3 Brilliant Ways To Make Travel Over 60 An Unforgettable Adventure


Like many things in life, group and solo travel have their good and bad points. As our today’s guest says, trying to pick one over the other would be like trying to “Choose between day and night.” If you have had a trip in mind but are unsure which travel style you should choose, or are looking for some encouragement to take the big leap, today’s video with Shila Desani might be what you’ve been waiting for!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret Manning and travel expert Shila Desani discuss the pros and cons of group and solo travel, as well as where you can look for inspiration or a great deal for your next bucket list adventure!

The Group Adventure

Traveling in a group on an organized has many advantages, and a couple of things to consider before committing. One of the best aspects of group travel is you are signing up to spend time with people that are like-minded, with similar interests.

This might not be appealing to some, but for those of us that enjoy sharing experiences with others, it can be one of the most appealing aspects of group tours. It’s an opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level about something you enjoy – be it food, architecture, art, or anything your adventure brings!

The other huge plus is having everything organized for you, often at a lower cost than trying to do it solo – as Shila points out you can just “Show up with your suitcase!”

If you are particularly concerned about being stuck with people you don’t like, it’s reassuring to know that good group leaders are highly adept at making sure everyone is comfortable with one another. Group sizes are also designed to ensure there will more than likely be someone you get along with!

As Margaret points out in today’s Sixty and Me video, when it comes to travel for mature women, having the resource of a group leader as well as a group of people there to support you often means you will take the plunge and try things you might not risk if you were traveling alone!

Solo Travel For Mature Women

For ladies that love freedom above all else, solo travel might be the best style of adventure. It means having the freedom to explore each destination at a pace that suits, without having to leave somewhere early, or be stuck somewhere boring for longer than necessary.

It does take a particular type of traveler to tackle solo travel – even Shila acknowledges that “Solo travel does require a great deal of courage,” so it’s probably not a suitable style of travel for women over 60 that aren’t likely to step outside of their comfort zone. It’s not just about being comfortable walking the streets of a strange city late at night or worrying about personal safety – it can also be about something as simple as not being comfortable asking for directions.

One of the biggest pluses about solo travel is the massive sense of accomplishment and achievement during and after a trip. It can be a huge confidence booster, and the reminder you need to know you can achieve anything, regardless of your age!

Looking For Inspiration?

There can be many reasons we hesitate to organize travel, but with so much knowledge now available at our fingertips, a lack of information shouldn’t be one of them! In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret and Shila discuss some fantastic resources they believe are inspirational and helpful for women over 60 interested in travel:

  • Journeywoman – this site covers sole or group travel for women. It has travel tips, and a newsletter with lists for group and solo travel published monthly.
  • Grownup Travels – this site aims to provide information and inspiration for travelers over the age of 45, with wonderful articles and photo galleries that might give you the ‘light-bulb moment’ you’ve been looking for!
  • Eat Your Heart Out Tours – this is Shila’s travel site, with tours for older travelers looking for more in-depth, immersive traveling experiences that bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures.

No matter where your interests lie, there are so many tours out there, and destinations that have opened up, that you are bound to be spoiled for choice once you start looking!

What is your preferred style of travel? What do you enjoy the most about group tours? What do you find daunting about solo travel? Let’s have a chat!

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