4 Slow Travel Experiences That Allow for Adventure at a Relaxed Pace


Slow travel is not so much about how fast you navigate a new place. It reflects a philosophy of life. Fast travel is active, busy and hurried. It can be an impatient and frantic way of visiting a new place.

Fast travel involves a check list of historical monuments, important landmarks and “not to be missed” cafes and churches. In many ways, it could be considered quantity-over-quality travel.

Value of Slow Travel

Slow travel is the opposite. It is calm, careful and still. Activities are unhurried, patient and more thoughtful.

In a way, slow travel appreciates the counterpoint of quality-over-quantity. It is about making real and meaningful connections in a place. It offers a more relaxed pace with a focus on people, culture, history and food.

Road Scholar understands the value of this new slow travel trend. It offers several remarkable trips for people who prefer less walking and more transportation but who still want the excitement of deep learning, unique discovery and exciting adventure.

Less Stress for Older Bodies

Why is slow travel so popular? As we get older, we start to realize that we are not the bungy jumping, street car hopping and adventure seeking people we used to be. A little stiff knee and weak ankle reminds us that travel doesn’t have to be a stressful marathon.

Road Scholar respects our desire for diverse and fabulous travel with itineraries that focus on slow and easy travel. We still want adventure and discovery, but at a pace our older bodies can manage.

Slowly Reflect, Relax and Reconnect

As I get a little older, I find myself embracing the concept of slow travel. I always try to follow some simple rules. Travel days are travel days. No leaping off the train to visit 3 museums and have dinner at the café my Facebook group is promoting as an absolute must visit.

As I travel, I love having more time to do fewer things. To experience more deeply the few places that I have researched and truly want to experience. For me, good travel is a time to relax, reflect and reconnect. My recent slow travel trip to Bali is a good example.

So, to help inspire you, here are 4 of several Road Scholar slow paced travel adventures that allow more easy exploration and deep appreciation of beautiful places around the world.

Iceland – Circumnavigating the Land of Fire and Ice

road scholar icelandroad scholar iceland

Iceland is in vogue these days and, on my social media channels, there is an endless stream of conversation about fjords, glaciers, waterfalls and geothermal springs of Iceland. I want it all, but appreciate that a slower pace can take me deeper.

Road Scholar offers an 11-day, 10-night cruise on an expedition ship. It offers a leisurely learning adventure, circumnavigating the island with local experts. You visit remote trading posts, and from the comfort of a safe and stable ship. The experience magnifies the sheer magic and beauty of the volcanic landscape and commanding glaciers.

And of course, you enjoy the well-known visitor highlights like the soothing and calming geothermal waters of Iceland’s natural springs. There is even a slow stop at the renowned Blue Lagoon.

Ireland – Slow Travel Countryside and Culture, Galway to Dublin

road scholarroad scholar

This slow Road Scholar Ireland adventure is designed for a small group. Over 11 days, the experience takes you from Ireland’s cities to villages. It focuses on farms and nature and allows you to watch those green rolling hills and shimmering rainbows with fresh eyes.

Experience Ireland’s cities, but also the natural villages, farm environments and people along the way. Friendly Road Scholar locals move the group at a relaxed pace.

With plenty of energy, however, the group explores by motor coach the Cliffs of Moher, Galway and Bunratty Castle. There are stops at stress-free pubs where traditional music is played into the night with lots of great food and beer on tap.

Paris – Relaxed Art and Culture in the City of Light

road scholarroad scholar

You don’t think about Paris as a slow travel destination. With an overwhelming abundance of museums, shops and cafes it seems the perfect place for sensory overload. But this Road Scholar program offers a different side to the vibrant, rushed city.

Over 9 days, you will see a side of Paris that is dynamic but presented in a more subdued and relaxed way.

Of course, Road Scholar will help you experience the art, architecture, museums and fabulous food that make Paris such a vibrant and unique city. Notre Dame, the Louvre and fabulous Parisian markets and street cafes are all explored but, in a way, that you feel more immersive and less overwhelmed.

This is a trip that truly allows you to visit the city of your dreams and discover the finest highlights of Paris at your own pace.

New York – A Slow Bite of the Big Apple

road scholarroad scholar

Everyone wants to discover and enjoy New York City but it does have a reputation for being a place that is on full speed 24 hours a day. Yes, there is a lot of energy and fast paced living in New York, but Road Scholar makes it easy to enjoy highlights without feeling exhausted and worn out!

You can explore New York City at your own pace in this 6-day-program led by experts who understand the importance of taking a city like New York in small bites. Walk the streets in a calm and measured way. Enjoy the history, diverse culture and amazing landmarks in a calm and relaxed way.

Visit the Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and fashionable Fifth Avenue – there is no rush. You can take time to absorb the enormity of the place but take its secret messages to heart.

Road Scholar experts will guide you gently through the architecture, history and culture of this remarkable city.

Taking Life Slow and Easy

Slow travel is thoughtful travel. It is not boring or black and white. It is filled with the color of your own interpretation, your own experience.

You will arrive home feeling like you have immersed yourself in a true meaningful travel experience. Memories will have substance and you won’t be exhausted and in need of another holiday to recover!

Do you find yourself longing for a more relaxed slow travel experience in your sixties? Does the idea of slow travel appeal to you? Let’s have a chat.

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