4 Ways to Keep Your Travel Life on Track While Staying Safe!


a glass half full kind of person. I truly believe that in a few months the coronavirus
chaos will be behind us and something else will have taken its place.

intention is not to make light of this epidemic, but I will not allow myself to
be at the mercy of the bloodthirsty media either. We can live in fear or we can
travel through it. Which will you choose? And yes, it is a choice.

like to say, “Fear of death is a waste of time. It will take me when and where
it chooses. Until then, it will have to chase me as I intend to run very fast.”

Media Mayhem

hype should be taken with a grain of salt. It is important to be informed, but
don’t fall prey to the news media’s bloodlust for ratings.

year’s coverage of Australia’s fires showed a continent in flames. In actual fact,
only 3% of the entire continent experienced fires and most regions were where
tourists do not visit. This resulted in discouraging tourism and devastating
small, local businesses.

Positive Due Diligence

Aside from the obvious measures of physical safety, below are four ideas to keep your journeys of discovery front and centre and on track!

Choose Unaffected Destinations

your adventures and choose the one that makes you feel the most comfortable for
2020/21. Why not explore closer to home?

you live in the US or Canada, hike the Zion and Bryce Canyons, Utah, or British
Columbia’s Purcell Mountains. Head south to warm climates such as Fiji,
Australia, Anguilla or St Lucia. All great choices. Safe destinations are

Go Small Scale

staying away from super-sized ships, resorts catering to the multitudes, and
big bus tours. Take a journey to a destination that is not trending. Uncrowded
and off-season can be a good thing.

Don’t Shirk from Travel

ahead and book your future travel!
Ask your Travel Advisor to book you on a trip where your deposit is refundable
and to monitor those cancellation deadlines. Travel Advisors are professionals
who receive daily updates on situations worldwide, so it’s wise to have one.

Rely on Good Travel Insurance

cancel for any reason insurance (CFAR). If you think travel protection is
expensive, just wait until you lose the cost of your entire holiday.

A Bit of Good News for You

work is with boutique suppliers, i.e., small ships, yachts, country inns, boutique
resorts, and tour operators. To date, none of my preferred suppliers have
experienced coronavirus related issues and have taken necessary precautions to
keep it that way. Many have even relaxed their cancellation policies and final
payment due dates for guests.

it! Keep on traveling!

Have you traveled with boutique outfitters and suppliers? Are you
familiar with the services of professional Travel Advisors? Do you travel off
season or to unlikely destinations? Let’s have a conversation!

Let\’s Have a Conversation!


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