6 Amazing Adventure Tours for Women like Us


A sense of adventure does not diminish with age. As older women, we have a greater sense of self, are more confident and appreciate those things that are most important in life. We are inspired by natural and authentic beauty, have a dedication to lifelong learning and a curiosity to explore new experiences.

Above all, we appreciate and stand in awe of the wonders our world holds. The following 6 must-see tours are suggestions for women just like us. If you have an adventure travel experience you’d like to share, please comment below.

Failte, Ireland – the Most Beautiful Place on Earth!

National Geographic Photographers dubbed Southern Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula The Most Beautiful Place on Earth thanks to breathtaking views and pristine archeological sites. This unique area of Ireland has supported life for over 6,000 years, and the landscape is dotted with over 2,000 castles, strongholds and archaeological monuments.

Begin your morning with a horseback ride along pristine beaches, four wheeling through the hills or hiking ancient walking trails that lead you through greenest hills you’ve ever seen. Take a mid-morning tour of haunted sites with a special interest tour leader who will fill you in on local legends and lore while giving you a truly unique tour. Try your hand at archery or skeet shooting on castle grounds before ending your tour mid-afternoon.

Take a surfing or try kayaking lesson in the afternoon, charter a vessel for deep sea fishing fun or try dropping a line into one of the many rivers along the coast. Complete your day with Ireland’s finest cuisine accompanied by Irish brewed stouts or ales at a local pub, where you’re sure to have an unbelievable evening full of laughter, storytelling and music.

Anchorage (Alaska), U.S.A. – Flightseeing Tours

Alaska is the final frontier, and there is no better place to experience such a ruggedly beautiful terrain while still being within reach of the conveniences of the city. Anchorage is snuggled into the Chugach Mountain Range and receives 600 inches of snow every winter. One of the best ways to view majestic Chugach State Park without undertaking a mountain climbing adventure is to hop aboard a flightseeing tour.

During your tour of the Alaskan skies, you will travel over the Knik Glacier rim where you will view amazing hanging glaciers. Zip over the Colony Glacier at Lake George to view where it spills into the winding Knik Glacier Gorge. See moose, Dall sheep, and more while you fly over pristine lakes and surrounded by breath-taking snowcapped mountains before heading back to your hotel or private cabin.

South Africa – Elephant Back Safaris

Follow the footsteps of the Ancients to a land of magnificent beauty and exotic wildlife.

Jeep safaris rarely stray from the road, but an elephant back safari takes you off the beaten track. Your tour begins in the saddle of Africa’s most beloved transportation: the elephant. Because their scent masks yours, other creatures feel safe. You’ll remain safe and protected while viewing Africa through the elephant’s eyes – complete with lions, tigers, hippos, rhinos and more.

Be inspired when you meet preserve guardsmen with passion, sacrifice and dedication to animal welfare. Guards are community heroes: military tough, attuned to the environment, and uniquely qualified by skills learned only by native tribesmen as a rite of passage.

Return to civilization, where you are welcome to tour local markets brimming with handmade textiles, jewelry, art, instruments and traditional dress while you watch the natives sporadically break out in song and dance. This trip is hard to top!

Senior Travel - Adventure Tour - African SafariSenior Travel - Adventure Tour - African Safari

Seattle (WA), U.S.A. – Blake Island Boat Tour

The appreciation of stunning outdoor beauty combined with a peek into the world of ancient civilizations equates to an adventure tour you don’t want to miss. Seattle’s Puget Sound is home to Blake Island, a private island accessible only by private charter or boat. Hop on your cruise boat from downtown Seattle’s Pier 55, where you will cruise to Tillicum Village.

Tourists learn about the ways of ancient inhabitants while being greeted with a traditional meal of steamed clams in nectar and salmon prepared in Native style. Take in a show of the Coast Salish tribe’s storytelling and symbolism before wrapping up with a quick tour of the islands. Explore the island’s walking and hiking trails and 5 miles of pristine beaches before wrapping up your tour at the gift shop.

Cambodia – Jungle Safari and Boat Tour

Many of Cambodia’s most precious sites were abandoned for unknown reasons. In time, they were forgotten, eventually lost to the jungle, where they lay untouched, slowly disintegrating. Political unrest discouraged archaeological work. Today, the political climate is comfortable, rediscovery efforts are supported, and there is much to see. While you’re sure to visit Cambodia’s temples and sites, there are adventures to be had in the jungle and sea!

Your adventure begins with breakfast aboard a converted Khmer tour boat. While traveling to Koh Ta Kiev, you’ll enjoy views of lush jungles and white sand beaches complemented by brilliantly blue water. Snorkel stunningly colorful coral reef and try your hand at fishing for squid and reef fish. You will dock on a secluded island before lunching on traditionally cooked fresh seafood at a Khmer floating fishing village. Be sure to explore the local markets for one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

Cruise north to a private cove, drop anchor and take a 30 minute guided jungle trek, where you will likely see jungle cats, exotic birds, monkeys, snakes and other native wildlife. Take a quick dip before leaving campers around 4pm, or speak with your tour guide about renting tent space for an overnight stay in the jungle. Your tour comes to a close with your boat ride back to the mainland whistle you enjoy a sunset drink.

Austin (TX), U.S.A. – Lake Travis Zip Line Adventures

Austin is a great place to vacation when cold weather keeps beating you back indoors. Temperatures are warm year round, and the city offers constant musical entertainment, numerous fishing lakes, natural hot springs and more to enjoy at your leisure.

While leisure is great, if you’re looking for something a little more heart-poundingly adventurous, you’ve got to try the safe but thrilling 2 ½ hour zip line tour of the famous canyons and inlets gracing Lake Travis. Fly down 5 different zip lines ranging in length from 250 feet to over 2800 feet. You’ll never experience views like these any other way! Professional tour guides teach you about the local area while assisting you through challenging hikes and nature walks.

Have you ever participated in an adventurous tour? Did it change your life? What was your experience and what tips would you give to your fellow travelers? Please add your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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