6 Tips on How to Get Back to Traveling NOW


It’s either spring or fall in your part of the world, a perfect time to get out there, stretch your legs and your imagination again. Yes, there are changes in the way we can travel now but with some simple tips it is definitely a go.

Think Local

Local can refer to your state or province or whatever geographical region is within driving distance. Maybe places close to you are not on your list, but they can be a gateway to more travel later on. Look for local tours and trips where there are only a few people going.

I just booked a week-long trip a couple of months from now, which includes biking, hiking, and kayaking. Five people, two locations for accommodation. When we are together, we will wear masks. When we are outdoors (most of the time) masks will be optional.

You can google “day trips near me,” or check with museums and tour guides in your area. They all have safety precautions in place.


Right now, traveling by car is probably the safest way to go. Some airlines are doing a great job and others are not.

My daughter just took a short flight lasting a couple of hours that was filled to capacity with no social distancing at all. And other flights are either late or get cancelled. So, stay out of airplanes unless you know their policy regarding safety and how many seats they plan to fill.

Traveling by car allows you to stop when you want and even bring your pets with you. They want to get out too and be with you.


When your local outing takes longer than a day trip, finding the right accommodations can enhance your experience. During this time, doctors are recommending places where you can open the windows or even better, housing that has a balcony or a terrace where you can open the doors.

Call ahead and see if the place you have chosen has a way for you to have access to fresh air. Hotels and other places to stay will sanitize the interior, but they can’t change out the air unless there is a way to bring in fresh air.

Food and Drinks

For a day trip where you travel longer than half a day, it can be fun to have your own food and drinks and not have to wonder if places will be open.

Pack your favorite snacks (those forbidden ones) and picnic foods and drinks and stop whenever you want. I’ve been known to have a thermos of Bloody Mary all-ready to drink with celery and olives and pickles for good measure.

If you are going to be staying overnight, check to see if your accommodation has a microwave or even a small kitchen. If so, then you can avoid restaurants all together and bring your own food in a small cooler with some paper plates and utensils and cups and relax and have an indoor picnic.

Of course, an easier way is to get takeout or even room service. Most room service options deliver in disposable containers now. Do it, you deserve it.

Where to Go

Okay, so you want to get out but don’t know where to go. If you just have a few hours then go to a local park, a greenway, or garden. Sometimes these gems are very close to you, and you don’t even know it.

Nature and science museums are also fun places and often have outdoor eating areas. Think kids. Think water. Most places with rivers have paths that go along the sides. Look up a map of your area online and check out the green places. Start there.

If you are going out for the day – or a few days – then the circle widens. This way you can look at things like state or provincial parks, campgrounds, hiking trails to waterfalls, or a walk around a small lake or pond. Check those out. Most of the time you can get a day pass by paying a small amount to use the facilities and the picnic tables.

For urban travelers, small towns or villages a few hours away down windy, country roads are full of surprises, great food, friendly people, and lots of fun things to see and do. Sitting at a sidewalk café and watching people while you read your book gives your mind a vacation.

Another way to find out about wonderful places to go during this traveling season is to ask other people and read online travel sites and magazines to get ideas.

See what Travelocity has to say about where you live, and the amazing things people have done while visiting your area. Airbnb also has some great activity suggestions organized by area on their site. Get out there.


Finally, let’s not forget about safety. Keep hand sanitizer with you all the time. And wash your hands with hot soapy water whenever possible.

Use the hand sanitizer after you pump your petrol/gas and BEFORE you get back in your car. Use the sanitizer after opening and closing doors used by lots of people and that includes elevator buttons.

Wear a mask around people if you are in a high-risk group (me=older person) or are compromised at all – even if there are no guidelines or restrictions have been lifted.

Have you looked at local travel options? What did you find? Did you go on a day trip this summer? Or are you planning a fall vacation? Please share any tips that you learned about online or during your travel experience!

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