8 Ways to Make a Fresh Start in the New Year


Don’t make a resolution to lose weight! I know the number one New Year’s Resolution is getting in shape and losing weight. A resolution can be very confining and having a set date to achieve each of our goals may or may not work. You have probably heard people say they need to lose weight by a certain date.

Diets, for instance, immediately set off an alarm in the brain which is interpreted as a restriction of our favorite foods. Many people are okay with temporary restrictions, but when the pounds don’t come off frustration sets in which often leads to a trip to the cookie jar.

Don’t Worry If Your Clothes Don’t Fit

One of the first triggers of the New Year’s weight loss diet is that our clothes are tight and do not fit like they used to. If my clothes fit comfortably I am happy.

Let’s say your clothes still fit perfectly. But when you get on the scale and find you have gained three pounds… panic sets in.

Do not get worked up about it. Chances are, if you did gain those three pounds, your normal January eating habits will release the pounds in about a month.

I often wonder why people don’t think about losing weight or getting in shape during the other months of the year – well, at least not as much.

Make a Commitment to the Gym

If you are already a gym goer, there is no problem here. If you want to lose a little weight and tone up, just add 15 minutes to your routine or perhaps an extra day.

This is something you could live with for a long time. The average time of the new gym goer is about 6 weeks. Then they begin to slack off, excuses appear and soon there are no more gym dates.

Keep Goals and Intentions Simple

Every year, I make a list of intentions – such as, call more old friends, make extra calls for business and promotion for my book and totes. You may just want to add a few simple additions and ideas for the new year.

Think carefully what is really important to you and what you will follow through. Perhaps you could add 15 minutes to your daily walk, make two extra business calls a day, etc. When you achieve these simple goals, you will feel the contentment of accomplishment.

Make Lists

I love lists, and I think many people love the act of crossing off things from their lists. My lists keep me grounded, focused and relaxed.

For the purpose of list-making, I like to use little books that have blank pages with no dates. I get them from TJ Max each year, and I have quite a collection of used ones from previous years.

I don’t want to throw them away as there is personal information in all of them. One of these days, I will go through them and tear up pages – another worthwhile intention.

Why not try writing down everything you are going to do for the day? You will be amazed at how much more you get accomplished and how you free up your mind. You will also get a burst of energy to do something extra.

Through the years I have established my personal routine which includes weights, facial exercise and Reiki self-treatment – I do these every day. I also add what I intend to clean for the day which may include bathrooms, floors, dusting, cleaning out the fridge, etc.

I may want to practice my printing for my tote bags, look up new images, comment on Facebook and Sixty and Me, write a blog, make a phone call.

Your page will be full with activities but your mind will clear up. You can add trivial things like touching up your hair, cooking a fancy dinner, polishing the silver and cleaning out the kitchen drawers.

The End Result

Mostly, I take care of everything that I include on my list. When I have everything written down, I feel relaxed, and as the day winds down, so do I. I am usually completely through with my list by 2PM, which I count as great accomplishment.

I also fit in lunches and shopping to do throughout the week as well as a few meetings. I occasionally treat myself to taking a power nap as a reward when everything is completed on the list. Do you take power naps?

How do you organize your day to avoid stress? Have you made some resolutions that you feel are really going to work this year? Please share your intentions and expectations below!

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