8 Ways You Can Celebrate Valentine's Day If You Are Alone (Or Have a Partner Who Is Just Not “Into” It!)


The date is looming on the calendar! February 14th, Valentine’s Day! It comes every year without fail and yet for some, it really does a number on our psyche. Perhaps you will be alone this year, or you struggle each year because your partner is just not into the holiday!

You’ve heard some people say: It’s just a “Hallmark holiday”, a way for everyone to make money! In fact, it does create a lot of revenue for our economy. In 2021, it was estimated that Cupid’s holiday created around 22 billion dollars! But I’m getting sidetracked!

Regardless, I love to embrace the holiday and find ways to celebrate solo. Gone are the days of hiding under a blanket with a pound of dark chocolate. Here is my list of ways to have fun and shift your energy regarding the holiday.

Send Yourself Flowers

Pick your favorite florist and send yourself flowers! Yep! It seems that we are always sending flowers to someone else so why not turn the tables? On the card write what you really love about yourself! Set the date and have them delivered! Here is my favorite florist in the Pacific Northwest! Gina uses locally grown flowers and creates beautiful arrangements!

Plan a Picnic

Pack one of those picnic baskets you see on Instagram that gets thousands of likes. Yes, do it for yourself and consider inviting someone to come along! Research someplace you have never been before and make it an official outing. You’ll be exploring something new and treating yourself to a gourmet feast.

Send a Letter to Someone You Care About

Take the time to write in the card what you really admire about them and why you value their friendship. So often we don’t take the time to express our appreciation and gratitude for someone’s friendship. Won’t they be surprised when they receive some snail mail?

Play Secret Admirer

Pick someone who may also be solo and drop off on their doorstep something fun with a note! Perhaps a homemade treat or bottle of their favorite beverage?

Write a Note to Your “Past Self”

Set aside some time to write a note to your past self to say thank you for all the things you did in the past to get you to where you are today. Don’t forget the small steps that over time made a significant difference in your life. It doesn’t have to just be big milestones. Read it and celebrate yourself.

Go Ahead and Buy That Pound of Dark Chocolate

Why not? Just don’t eat it all in one day! I don’t need a holiday to purchase a box of chocolates but here is my favorite.

Make It a Special Day for Someone Else

Contact your local senior center and ask the activity director if there is a resident that would appreciate some flowers and a card from an “admirer” on this special day. Perhaps it’s someone that could use a lift on what would be a difficult day.

Give Away Coffee Gift Cards

Leave coffee gift cards on the windshield of some cars with a note that says, “Have a great day!” Imagine people’s surprise when they come out of the store to see something unexpected and not a parking ticket!

Take the opportunity this day to celebrate yourself and give appreciation and thanks to others around you. If the holiday is always dread for you, then I challenge you to look for opportunities to serve others and spread some cupid love around. When we reach out and serve others, we tend to feel better ourselves!

I hope that you have been inspired to try something new this year! Please share with me if you try any of these ideas or if you have a great idea to share with the community!

What does Valentine’s Day represent to you? Have you celebrated it in the past couple of years? Are you planning to celebrate it this year? What sounds like a good idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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