A Simple, Reflective New Year’s Eve Tradition


Long ago, I gave up glitzy
parties, morning hangovers, and late night celebrations. I no longer need to
mark the occasion with noisemakers and hats. On New Year’s Eve, give me a good
movie to watch and a quiet dinner my husband and I prepare together. 

And our letters.

The tradition began when
the kids left home. We wanted our own ritual – a
way for the two of us to close out the old year and ring in the new.

A Quiet New Year’s Eve Tradition

Nowadays, on New Year’s
Eve, we fill our champagne flutes, help ourselves to a stack of decorated
cookies, and settle into our respective ends of the couch. Beside the twinkling
tree, we rip into the envelopes we sealed and stashed away exactly one year

And then we read the
letters we wrote to ourselves the previous New Year’s Eve.

Each year, I’m anxious to
rediscover what I penned to myself 365 days ago. Because I truly can never
remember what I wrote. Our New Year’s routine is to draft our letters – including what we hope to do, see, and learn in the
next year – and then plop them in a drawer until the following
December 31. 

As I read my rambling
messages to myself, I’m reminded of what worried, frightened, and excited me
the previous year –
concerns about myself, my family, the world, my friends.

Some of these issues
worked themselves out – and
others did not. I didn’t accomplish all I planned. And wasn’t always the person
I wanted to be. 

But that’s ok. 

Not a To-Do List

Armed with my yellow legal pad, I’ll begin my annual letter to myself by reflecting on those things I’m especially thankful for this year. Our first grandchild, another engagement, travel and time with dear friends. I am here and healthy and able to celebrate another holiday season – and write another letter.

I’ll relate what I loved about this year – and what I didn’t. Favorite, and not so favorite, books, people, places, food. I’ll muse about how I can be a better wife, mom, daughter, friend. Can I worry less, thank more, offer a kinder and gentler approach? 

What can I do to improve myself, my
family, my world? What do I want to see and do with those I love before my
circumstances change?

As we watch the revelers
cheer and the ball drop in Times Square, we’ll kiss, say goodbye to another
year, and file our letters in their designated drawer. Until the next New
Year’s Eve.

An Interesting Legacy

Perhaps our kids and
grandchildren will come across these letters someday. 

As they read them, maybe they’ll smile and remember us
and understand a little more about our lives through the words we wrote over
the years.

Wishing you a new year
filled with fun adventures, bountiful blessings, and good health.

How do you spend New
Year’s Eve? How have your New Year’s plans changed over the years? What do you
wish for in the new year? Let’s chat!

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