Add This to Your Bucket List! Cross the Outback on a World-Famous Ghan Expedition


Considered one of the world’s greatest rail journeys, the Ghan delivers so much more than “just a ride on a train.”

The Ghan is one of Australia’s most talked about ‘bucket list’ adventures. Most Aussies I know have at some point declared: “The Ghan is on my Bucket List.”

Indulge yourself. Step back in time to an era when train journeys were a sophisticated and elegant way to travel. It really is a journey you must take and one of the most luxurious ways to travel through remote Australia!

The legendary Ghan takes you deep into the heart of the continent. It’s the perfect balance of comfort and adventure delivering a travel experience that will move you beyond expectations.

Take a private cabin and enjoy the comfort and solitude, lose yourself in conversation with newfound travelling companions, or simply gaze out of the window, taking inspiration from the ever changing landscape.

The Journey

Departing on your Ghan journey from Darwin in the tropical north of Australia, you’ll experience distinct changes in scenery as you head down south.

You will travel through pockets of lush rainforest, statuesque rocky outcrops and miles of wide open spaces as you get deeper into the centre of our beautiful sunburnt country.

The adventures begin when the train stops along the way. A whistle-stop in Katherine is full of fascinating Aboriginal culture. Nitmiluk, or more commonly known as Katherine Gorge, boasts a wealth of history and showcases the stunning beauty of the gorge.

A stop off in Alice Springs may not be quite what you expect. Experience Central Australia’s desert country, ride a camel at dusk and explore the ancient wonders of the Northern Territory.

The stunning MacDonnell Ranges will certainly take your breath away! If you have time, visit the Desert Wildlife Park or the Kangaroo Sanctuary for a true Aussie desert experience.

Don’t believe it when they tell you that there’s nothing to see in the outback.

The world through the Ghan window undergoes a stunning transformation from the Top End tropics through the scorched desert country of Central Australia to the sublime Flinders Ranges and the Adelaide Plains as it nears the cosmopolitan city of Adelaide on the Southern Ocean.

It’s luxurious. It’s historic. It’s transcontinental. Just three days on the Ghan between Darwin and Adelaide will leave you with the memories of a lifetime.

Experience Australia at Its Dramatic Best

The Ghan is arguably the best train journey in Australia. Historically, there are 2979 kilometres of rail track crossing quite possibly one of the most remote and unique areas in Australia… an area once explored by Afghan camel drivers.

It takes three days to cross the continent, top to bottom, during which time passengers have time to settle in, relax and enjoy the luxurious service as the scenery goes by.

The train itself boasts platinum and gold class, complete with stewards and luxurious carriages. The experience of à la carte dining in a moving restaurant, and a stunning landscape of red desert country passing by, is one of the memories you’ll take away from this exceptional journey.

The Ghan is one of the most stylish ways to travel through the centre of Australia and the perfect way to explore this wide brown land.

If you’re ever in Australia, you just have to do the Ghan. It’s an experience you’ll never forget! What a way to see the outback!

Have you done the Ghan yet? Why not add this to your Bucket List now! Please join the conversation and share any train experience that was life-changing for you.

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