Do You Vacation for Self-Care or Self-Indulgence?


Hands up all those who are waiting for travel to resume!! Most people have had to put vacation plans on hold through the past tumultuous year and a half, so it will be exciting news when travel opens up again.

Vacations are supposed to be about exploring new places or relaxing, but vacationers often tend to over-indulge in food, drink and merriment. That may help you to relax, but do you feel rejuvenated or invigorated after such a vacation?

Yoga Retreats – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Wellness travel has exploded in popularity as it accomplishes the goals of relaxation, rejuvenation, invigoration and setting you on a healthy lifestyle. Great, you may say, but with so many choices, what is the best fit for you? Well, have you thought about participating in a yoga retreat?

Yoga has been around for centuries, so you can be sure people from all walks of life have benefited from it. With so many styles to choose from, there is sure to be one suitable for you. Participating in a yoga retreat that combines the lush, tranquil settings with the benefits of yoga sessions conducted by experts certainly has wide appeal.

Yoga focuses on proper exercises, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, and positive thinking. After 2, 4, 5 or even 7 days of practicing yoga on a beach or in lush tropical forests with birds singing in the background, you will be able to experience the benefits of improved flexibility, better concentration, improved physical strength, and deep relaxation.

At the end of the day, indulge in self-care with deeply relaxing massages or ayurvedic treatments. Add to that the appeal of indulging in nutritious, choice foods cooked by highly-rated chefs and you have an excellent vacation deal. This seems to be so much better than a vacation of over-indulging!!

So now that you have determined that a yoga retreat is just what you need for self-care, where to go may be the subsequent decision. Consider some of these popular yoga retreats around the world.

Shreyas Yoga Retreat

Apart from twice-daily yoga sessions adapted for all levels, this upper-crust retreat in Bangalore, India, offers Pranayama (breathing) workshops, meditation, and concentration workshops. The 5-star retreat combines luxury with Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. The vegetarian menu offers a wide range of delicious meals.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

The Bahamas may beckon to you, which is where you will find this retreat. For serious yoga practitioners of the Hatha or Karma style, the daily routine here starts as early as 6 am with meditation followed by chanting.

Kamalaya Koh Samui Spa Resort

The exotic lands of Thailand are the beautiful backdrop for this acclaimed resort which overlooks a private beach with easy access to warm waters. This resort offers personal yoga synergy programmes of different lengths to easily fit into your vacation plans and your level of fitness.

Forge Yoga Centre

This world-famous centre, found in Totness, United Kingdom, offers workshops and yoga sessions with some of the most knowledgeable yoga instructors in several styles.

Anahata Yoga Retreat

If New Zealand has been on your wanderlust list, take a trip to this retreat perched atop a mountain in Takaha, New Zealand. With breathtaking views of valleys, native bushland and Golden Bay, this place offers a calming sanctuary to encourage personal growth. The eco-friendly retreat offers residential yoga programmes as well as nightly to monthly stays.

Final Thoughts

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is the importance of self-care. We need to be more involved in looking after our health even while we are on vacation. Our vacation should relax, rejuvenate and invigorate us. I know what type of vacation I am adding to my wanderlust list. How about you?

What type of vacationer are you? Do you prefer to indulge in food or to relax and experience new places? What do you think of vacationing in a yoga retreat? I would love to know your thoughts, so please comment below.

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