Explore New, Off-the-Beaten-Path Educational Adventures with Road Scholar in 2016


Each year, Road Scholar, the not-for-profit leader in lifelong learning, introduces new educational adventures around the world that are designed specifically for older adults. Whether traveling participants are traveling as a couple, as a group, or solo, Road Scholar uses local experts to help participants explore the world and fuel their desire for new experiences.

In 2016, the organization is launching several new learning adventures to off-the-beaten path destinations, including an archaeological dig in Israel, an eight-day program in Iran and a new voyage to one of its most popular destinations – Cuba. Road Scholar president James Moses has visited the island nation twice this year and shares his impressions in a separate Q&A.

North America

Wagner’s “Ring Cycle” at the Washington National Opera

Richard Wagner’s monumental cycle of four operas that comprise “The Ring of the Nibelung” is the pinnacle of operatic achievement. Attend all four operas and meet and mingle with opera lovers from around the world at the Washington National Opera at the Kennedy Center. Find out more

Middle East

The Pulse of Persia: Grand Palaces, Mosques & Bazaars of Iran

Enjoy a special opportunity to explore Iran’s millennia-old history and complex culture. Discover fascinating archeological sites, holy mosques, stunning cathedrals, and lavish palaces where kings lived and ruled, and learn about today’s Iran and the everyday life of its people in the places they work, eat and call home. Find out more

Living and Learning in Jerusalem: Independent Stay and Language Study

Adding to a growing list of language and cultural immersion adventures abroad including France, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Germany, and Canada, Road Scholar is introducing a new six-week program in Jerusalem, Israel. Become a resident of Jerusalem in your own apartment as you immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine. Learn Hebrew from experts while you experience living in a new country independently, you’ll be supported by a Road Scholar group leader who’s always on call to help. Find out more

Preserving History: Join an Archeology Dig at Israel’s Tel Dor

Join thousands of Jews and visitors from around the world as they welcome in the Jewish Sabbath at the Western Wall. Road Scholar’s conduct Southern Wall Excavations and visit the Jewish Quarter of the Old, Machaneh. Find out more


Adventures Afloat: Expedition Antarctica: Fly to and Discover This Icy World

Discover the ethereal, ice-covered world of Antarctica on the only study cruise that flies over the Drake Passage instead of sailing it. Before your journey to the southernmost continent, experience cosmopolitan Santiago and discover the dramatic, natural beauty of Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park. Find out more

The Caribbean

Cuba by Land and Sea: A Grand Voyage Around the Island

Cuba may be best known for the faded colonial splendor of Havana, but the island’s real story is told in its small villages and varied landscapes. On this remarkable voyage, explore Cuba by land and sea, discovering coastal towns, remote beaches and lush, tropical interior. Gain a special perspective of the Cuban people, their culture, history and daily life. Find out more

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