Group Adventure Travel for Women Over 60: 7 Tips on How to Maximize Your Experience


Travel is perhaps one of the best ways you can learn about the world and about yourself. Not only do you get a breather from your routine, but you also get to immerse yourself in an entirely different culture and meet new people.

If you have the desire to go on an exciting road trip or visit remote destinations, group adventure travel is for you.

Of course, there are certain strategies to help make your trip as fun and worthwhile as it can be. We discuss how to get the most out of your group adventure tour with bona fide adventurer, Shila Desai, who is also a writer and the founder of Eat Your Heart Out Tours.

Employ the Right Mindset

When you’re planning for an adventure travel trip, you should prepare for a ton of activities and exploration. It’s going to be different from a five-star hotel experience. So what are the qualities that a person needs when considering adventure group environment?

For starters, expect to feel out of your comfort zone. When you’re abroad, your routine is different and so are the weather, language, food, and culture.

While that’s exactly what people seek when they are in adventure mode, many travelers still tend to have a hard time adjusting to the newness of everything. Shila has witnessed people get short-tempered or judgmental toward all the changes, especially others’ behaviors.

So, make sure you keep your mindset in check. Keeping an open mind and staying tolerant will help avoid frustrations and disappointments that can otherwise ruin your time.

Going the other way isn’t helpful either because forming cliques when you’re on an adventure travel group tour has the potential to ruin the experience for everyone. This is very unhealthy, Shila notes, as it can easily make others feel excluded.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Going on a group adventure, whether you’re planning to visit Greenland, see Antarctica, or trek through Nepal, will give you priceless memories and experiences.

Many of these places may not offer amenities that you’re used to. After all, you’re going to be out in the wild.

Hygiene will not always involve that sparkling western bathroom you have at home. Aside from that, you may feel strained doing all that walking, hiking, or riding. And forget about Wi-Fi – it’s likely that you’ll stay in a place with very poor Internet connection (if any).

Are these indulgences worth it? Yes, if you are after a different kind of experience. And a little humor can go a long way to appreciating unexpected glitches. After all, what better way to make memories on the road than by sharing some good laughs with good company?

For Shila, the most fulfilling experiences are the ones that take you right into the primal source of life. So, don’t be afraid to have an adventure close to nature.

Go for it because you have the opportunity to experience something new, and you get to experience it in a supportive group environment.

Where did your most recent adventure trip take you? What was most memorable about it? What other tips do you have for people planning to travel in a group? You can comment, “like,” and share this article to join our ongoing discussion.

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