How to Spice Up Your Life After 60 with Fun Celebrations


Doing dress-ups as a child, I could visualize all kinds of gala costumes. Dresses, accessories and textures that would befit the most beautiful expressions of the wishful designs.

In my imagination there were many special events to attend in those fabulous creations. These were events that only I could see.

Love to Feel Good and Spread It to Others

How I feel inside perpetuates the desire to celebrate more as I age. I love to feel good, and spread it to others. As life’s challenges and aging details wrap up a chunk of our attention, we have to learn how to reserve the right to help keep things balanced. For me, celebration is one of my choices for juggling life energies, and not just on traditional holidays!

Being Timeless is Priceless

Celebrations are, at best, joy generators. On the other end of the spectrum, they serve as a commercial break in the midst of life’s ups and downs. In my aging world celebrations orchestrate another great gift. They stop time and keep me in the present moment for all it is worth. Being timeless is priceless!

Connect to Your Inner Child

I love to celebrate my inner child that so longed to wear pretty and fun clothes. My observation is that a there is a tendency to celebrate traditional occasions in a more subdued way as we get older. This girl likes to step out of that box. Hence, instead of watching the July 4th parade in my town, I have become known as the Freedom Fairy who flies down the street to honor healthy aging.

I wave my shiny wings over the young ones sitting on the curbs as I fly past them. My costume is made of things from here, there, and everywhere. It is a ritual to get dressed and feels like an extension of the celebration at hand.

Janai wingsJanai wings

It connects me to my inner child that so longed to wear pretty, fun clothes and celebrate. Why not connect with your inner child and let your imagination go?

Not only that, but my July 4th costume had made the cover of the local newspaper. I am 67, bionic with total hip replacement surgery, rod in the left leg, screws in the right toe and three teeth implants. I am excited to live fully and be a role model for younger generations, celebrating aging and life. You can do the same!

Move from Ho-Hum to Happy

Recently, I was asked to facilitate an author chat about my self-help memoir, The Grandma Boom Chronicles… More Alive at 65! endorsed by Doris Day. I choreographed a play time celebratory interactive experience with drums and percussion instruments. The expressions and energy changed from ho-hum to happy as we celebrated the day by playing music together. Enlivening!

When was the last time you transformed a day by stepping outside the box and being a little frivolous?

See Life Through a Lens of Celebration

Being innovative and establishing more ways to see our lives through the lens of celebration guides our mental and emotional faculties to arise to higher ground. Shifting perceptions of mundane reality into a reason to celebrate increases positivity and energy!

It can be as simple as celebrating not being grumpy or accomplishing a step in health improvement. It can involve taking the plunge to swim with dolphins, or being grateful for needed rain that replenished waterfalls. Find ways. Create ways. Celebrate!

Aging Marches On

Janai portraitJanai portraitAging marches onward. I have discovered that establishing more reasons to celebrate brings about a more vibrant, youthful feeling. Other ways to experience feeling younger as aging embraces the chronological year gear can be found here.

Some days I just want to celebrate being alive. Some days I go for a walk and silently celebrate the beautiful nature surrounding me. Frequently, I toss flower petals into a stream, feeling a celebration of nature and its unconditional nourishment of all.

Celebration Renews Something Special Inside

The sheer idea of celebrating lifts me up save for the times when I am too worn out or possibly busy to even think of that concept. When I do remember to celebrate, something special is renewed inside me. It is the reverence of life and not taking my life or my privileges, relationships or opportunities for granted. When I feel celebration in my heart, I see life’s wonders clearly.

What do you like to celebrate? What kinds of things do you do to celebrate? Are there any special ways that assist you in feeling the urge to celebrate? Please join the conversation!

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