Love Adventure? Here’s What I Learned from Senior Travel Expert Evelyn Hannon


If you are a woman who loves to travel, you will adore Evelyn Hannon. She is a 70+ year-old senior travel expert with a passion for life and a burning desire to experience new cultures.

Her mission in life, as demonstrated on her website,, is to follow her heart to new adventures in every corner of the globe. Along the way, she inspires others to appreciate life and explore the world around them.

The first thing that Evelyn taught me, when I interviewed her for the Sixty and Me Show, is that looking for adventure does not mean that you have to take physical risks. She isn’t keen on bungee jumping or hand-gliding. She doesn’t even particularly enjoy venturing out at night.

Who Says Senior Travel Can’t Be Adventurous?

At the same time, Evelyn is not your “usual” traveller. When she travels, she looks for adventure in the lives of everyday people. She loves to dig around in local grocery stores, take pictures of kids and make exotic picnic lunches in her hotel room.

Think back to your last trip. Did you stick to the tourist traps? Or, did you get off the beaten track and explore what life in your chosen country is really like? Seasoned travellers, like Evelyn, remind us that adventure can be found in the most mundane places. We just need to be willing to open our eyes and really see what most people only look at.

The Joy of Making New Friends on the Road

Another thing that I found inspirational about Evelyn’s approach to travel is the emphasis that she puts on meeting new people. As we get a little older, many of us get nervous around other people while we are on the road. We’re heard enough horror stories about stolen cameras, or worse, to keep us on our toes. Evelyn’s experience reminds us that most people are good. Of course, you always want to keep your eyes open, but, that’s no reason to avoid contact with locals.

During our interview, Evelyn said that she is often transformed by new people as much as the places that she visits. When you speak with Evelyn, you can sense the wisdom that can only come from a thousand conversations with people from different backgrounds. She is a vibrant, deep, and fascinating woman, full of confidence and self-awareness.

Are you nervous about talking with strangers when you travel? Or, like Evelyn, do you embrace the minor risk of reaching out to others as one of the best parts of traveling?

Solo Travel Can Change Your Life

Finally, Evelyn reminded me of the transformational value of solo travel. Many women in the Sixty and Me community are dealing with the loss of a partner or a divorce. When we finally find ourselves alone, we need to find new ways of experiencing the world.

Evelyn reminds us that solo travel is often a wonderful way to gain an understanding of ourselves. As we experience the world around us, we gain perspective, strength and wisdom. Don’t worry if you feel vulnerable. According to Evelyn, this is part of the process. The important thing to remember is that there is a big difference between being alone and being lonely.

So, if you have a passion for travel – or you have always been curious and want to give it a shot – please join Evelyn and me as we discuss the following senior travel topics:

  • How travel changes as you get older
  • The unexpected reason that being willing to hold a stranger’s hand is important
  • The 5 qualities of a good traveller
  • How human connections go beyond culture and language
  • How older women can enjoy being invisible while travelling
  • The secret to communicating with strangers without using words
  • The differences between river cruising and ocean cruising
  • Safely and attitude tips for women travelling alone
  • How to connect with women travellers in cities you are visiting
  • Why making the hotel concierge your best friend is a good idea
  • How losing your luggage can change the way you look at possessions and people

Evelyn encourages women to be brave, bold and adventurous! I hope that you will use this video as inspiration for your next trip.

What is the last trip that you took? What did you learn from the experience? Do you have any questions for Evelyn about her senior travel philosophy? Please add your thoughts in the comments section below.

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