Out with the Old! 5 Things Every Woman Should Throw Away This Spring (and 5 Things to Keep)


Yes, your cabinets or closets may need a good purging. But spring is also good time to throw away some things that don’t require a trip to Goodwill.

I know you’re chomping at the bit to dig through your cupboards. But how about sorting through your clutter within, too? Do some spring-cleaning for the soul and make room for more of what you want to keep, more of who you truly are.

To get you started, here are 5 things worth tossing out.

Shed the “Shoulds”

How should you be spending your time? Should you attend that virtual party?

Should is an authoritative word that gets its orders from society or our pre-programmed notions about how we’re supposed to behave or respond.

Observe when you use it. Give it the old heave-ho when you can.

Nix the Need to Please

Our need to please asks us to make automatic responses like “Sure!” that might cause a churning in our gut.

We disregard what we know is best for us, what we really want. Remember, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you’re the one in charge of pleasing YOU. And spring is a good time to take charge.

Jettison Any Guilt

Guilt is a draining emotion that we feel when we act on what we want then second-guess ourselves.

If this is a hard one to let go of, start in small situations with low stakes. Maybe you’re asked to babysit the grandkids but really want to take that guided tour of the museum.

Practice putting your need to please at the bottom of the list and your desire at the top. Settle into the good feeling you have about your choice. Release any guilt. (Then go to the museum.)

Pitch Perfection

Bottom line, whatever it is that you’re striving to make or look perfect, no one notices but you. If they notice, they probably don’t care. If they care, so what?

Let it go. Life is unique because of imperfections. And so are you.

Release the Unwanted

Anything you don’t want, including the stuff in your cupboards, can go. It’s beneficial to toss out actual things. Making physical space creates room in our hearts and spirits, too.

But the unwanted can also include people who bring us down, activities we’ve grown tired of, or even the hairstyle we’ve worn for years.

Examine your list of things just asking to be released. Then set them free.

So, now that you have more heart-space, what’s worth keeping this spring? See if these 5 things resonate.

Preserve the Word “No”

It’s easier to say “No” if it’s accompanied by “Thank you,” or, “This won’t work for me.” It’s also a complete sentence.

Save Time for Self-Care

Fill your days with rest, movement, and a little pampering. Include some solitude as well as the companionship of people who nourish you.

Hang onto Continuous Learning

Follow your curiosity and pursue what stimulates you. There’s so much still to explore!

Make Room for Service to Others

However we do it, helping other people ignites our sense of purpose and gives us avenues for sharing our gifts.

Maintain Some Soulful Practices

Whether it’s through meditation, prayer, or a creative endeavor that causes us to lose track of time, when we follow a track that nurtures us from the inside out, we increase our Peace and expand our Joy.

And who doesn’t want more of that this spring?

What do you want to toss out of your life this spring? What’s worth keeping? Join the conversation!

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