Road Scholar “Get-Togethers” Combine Large Group Camaraderie with Small Group Learning


Road Scholar, the not-for-profit leader in educational travel, offers an incredible depth and breadth of learning adventures for adults for whom learning is the adventure of a lifetime.

With 5,500 programs in 150 countries and 50 states, the organization offers baby boomers and beyond the opportunity to explore a myriad of subjects – from learning aboard the world’s first floating classroom on the Aegean Odyssey to hiking, biking and whitewater rafting in one of dozens of active outdoor programs—the organization offers a unique opportunity for adults to discover the world and meet and build relationships with like-minded learners.

While many of Road Scholar’s 5,500 programs are small-group experiences, the organization also offers a unique type of program on the opposite end of the group-size spectrum — “Great American Get-Togethers.” Today, there are “Get-Togethers” offered in several popular U.S. cities, as well as “Global Get-Togethers” in Canada, Mexico, and Paris.

What makes these Get-Togethers so popular? First, they are created for people who want a larger-group experience at a great value; in fact, these programs include free airfare and airport transfers.

But most importantly, they offer the same rich educational experiences and attention to detail that makes all Road Scholar programs unique—expert instructors, behind-the-scenes access and learning with like-minded people eager to explore different cultures.

“Because of the popularity of our ‘Great American Get-Togethers’ in cities like San Antonio, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico, we’ve added new global locations to give our participants the opportunity to experience foreign cultures in a new and exciting way,” said JoAnn Bell, senior vice president of Programs.

What Makes Get-Togethers Unique?

While most Road Scholar programs range in size from 13-30 participants, the “Get-Togethers” can accommodate up to 120 people. For some activities, the entire group will be together; however, for many of the activities, the group is split into smaller groups with a maximum of 24. You get the camaraderie and fun social dynamic with a large group, along with a more intimate experience on the small-group outings. It’s the best of the both worlds.

Prices start as low as $1,999 for an eight-day learning adventure, which includes free airfare from many cities, plus lodging, most meals and all activities. To learn more, click here.

New Destinations for 2019

Great American Get-Together in the Twin Cities

Minnesota recently saw some of the coldest temperatures on record. This spring, once the ice thaws, consider a visit to the Twin Cities to explore their museums, theatres and the renowned Minnehaha Falls. Did we mention that this is the home of the iconic musician and Minnesota native Prince?

Get American Get-Together in Mexico

We’ve been offering our “Great American Get-Togethers” in cities throughout the United States for years, and now we’re moving the fun south of the border to Mexico City!

Experience both the ancient and modern wonders of Mexico as you join other lifelong learners and our most popular local experts on explorations of Pre-Columbian sites, charming Colonial-era neighborhoods and colorful museums.

Great Global Get-Together in Paris

Experience the glamour and grandeur of the City of Lights with fellow lifelong learners during this week long gala event.

Alongside our favorite local experts, explore the best of Paris by studying the medieval architecture and historic neighborhoods.

Feel like a true Parisian as you weave your way through the stalls at open-air markets and enjoy the local delicacies at a wine and cheese tasting.

Let the creativity of countless painters inspire you while a docent takes you through the Louvre and discover that French living is truly a work of art.

Do you like to travel in small groups, or as a part of a larger group? Have you ever traveled with Road Scholar? Let’s have a chat!

This sponsored post was written by our friends at Road Scholar.

About Road Scholar

Road Scholar is the nation’s largest educational travel organization for adults – a true university of the world. This not-for-profit educational organization offers 5,500 extraordinary learning adventures in 150 countries and 50 states. Road Scholars are immersed in a variety of educational activities, enlisting renowned faculty and experts who offer insider access not available to most individuals. Dedicated to making educational travel available to everyone, Road Scholar offers financial aid for those who otherwise could not participate in its programs.

Road Scholar educational adventures are created by Elderhostel, the not-for-profit world leader in educational travel for adults since 1975. To learn more, please visit or check our blog at

Road Scholar Paris Road Scholar Paris
Road Scholar Global Get-Together in Paris, 2019. Photo courtesy of Road Scholar
Road Scholar ParisRoad Scholar Paris
Road Scholar Global Get-Together in Paris, 2019 (Sacre Coeur). Photo courtesy of Road Scholar
Road Scholar ParisRoad Scholar Paris
Road Scholar Global Get-Together in Paris, 2019. Photo Courtesy of Road Scholar

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