Senior Travel Adventures: 6 Life-Changing Trips to Take in Your 60s


As a traveler, there are moments when find yourself in a new place and realize your life has changed. It may be while you are shopping in a busy market or walking along a beach at sunset. You may be visiting an ancient cathedral or viewing an iconic historical building. It is that moment when you realize something has switched on in your heart.

You can’t predict where that magic will occur; that’s the beauty of senior travel. But, if you haven’t found that special place yet, it is never too late. If you have time, energy and resources, here are 6 possible life changing trips for you to consider.

Ayers Rock, Australia

The natural world has the power to move us. There are few pieces of nature that can wow you like the 350 meter tall Ayers Rock in Australia. It is an amazing landmark in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. That’s in the down towards the southwest corner of the Northern Territory and almost the center of Australia.

It is massive. If you’re exceptionally fit, you might join those fearless younger people climbing it. If not, you just might still find a moment of bliss during sunrise and sunset, when the terracotta color changes into purple.

Ayers Rock AustraliaAyers Rock Australia

Taj Mahal, India

No image or description of the Taj Mahal can express its immense beauty. When I first saw it at sunset I almost stopped breathing. Time seemed to stop. It was awe inspiring moment. The white marble structure, with its inlaid precious and semi-precious stones and stunning symmetry impressed me as a work of art. It also tells a beautiful love story.

Built by the fifth Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in 1631 in memory of his third wife, a Muslim Persian princess, it is a statement of his timeless love. Visiting the Taj Mahal will always be one of my personal life changing trips.

Old City of Jerusalem, Israel

People say that there is magical quality about the Old City of Jerusalem that does not exist anywhere else in the world. I have read that there is a sacred atmosphere that surrounds the holy sites of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. Others have described the colorful markets and narrow alleyways and of course the complex political history of the place.

If you approach Jerusalem as a pilgrim, tourist or traveler, it is almost certainly going to be life changing on some level.

Old City of JerusalemOld City of Jerusalem

Paris, France

Whenever I ask someone to name their favorite city in the world is, I can guess that more than half will say Paris. This is a city that has opportunities for life changing moments in abundance.

You can visit Notre Dame Cathedral or the Louvre, experience the Eiffel Tower or take a river boat down the Seine. You might just want to relax and enjoy Parisian city life from a cafe on the Champs-Elysées, Whatever you choose to do, you will be enchanted.

Great Wall of China

Men and women have expressed their architectural creativity in places all around the world. The Great Wall of China is one of the most stunning works of art built over hundreds of years. Designed as a protective military structure, was continuously built from the 3rd century BC to the 17th century AD. Now that is true commitment to a building project!

It stretches an unbelievable 8,851 kilometers! I have never been to China, but the Great Wall is definitely on my bucket list of life changing trips. If you have the opportunity to visit, its sheer scale and beauty will put the timeline of your own life in perspective.

Great Wall of ChinaGreat Wall of China

New York City, United States

There is not a city in the world that elicits such extreme responses. You either love it or hate it. But if you are looking for a place to transform your life, New York City just might be the place. There are the iconic buildings in Manhattan to explore. Central Park offers its secret places to relax and unwind, an oasis in the middle of a constantly moving city.

Your moment might be the experience the complex diversity of city life in the Bronx or Queens. Times Square might tempt you with bright lights and teeming humanity. For me, that life changing moment was at the top of the spiral staircase in the Guggenheim Museum.

What was the most life changing trip you have ever taken? Have you ever visited any of the places mentioned in this article? Please join the conversation.


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