Take Your Fitness Info Beyond the App with Our New Premium Feature


Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing multiple new features that will be available as part of our MyFitnessPal Premium subscription. We can’t wait to show you everything we’ve been busy cooking up — and we don’t just mean our Chunky Monkey Trail Mix.

If you haven’t already joined Premium, now is a great time so you have access to all of our new Premium features as soon as they’re released. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we can say that our Premium updates are designed to make it easier than ever to reach your health goals. Start your Premium membership today by clicking here.

Premium Just Got Even Better

If you’re a Premium member, you can now export the following information from your account:

  • Progress History
  • Meal Level Nutrition Details
  • Exercise History

You have the option to choose a custom date range for the information you’d like to export. We’ll email you a set of CSV files that you’ll be able to use in whatever way you find most helpful.

Exporting Your Information Is Easy

You can find the Export button on both the Progress and Nutrition screens in the app.

Here’s how the feature works on iOS:

Export Data via Progress - iOS

And here’s how it works on Android:

Export Data via Progress - Android

Next Step: Check Your Email

You should find an email from MyFitnessPal that looks like this in your inbox:


Your information will arrive as a set of CSV files that you can download by clicking the button in the email. We recommend downloading the files on a computer instead of a mobile device.

Now, The Fun Begins!

You’ll receive three files: Progress Summary, Exercise Summary and Nutrition Summary.

You can open the files in Excel or another data program and do a deep dive into your habits by creating custom graphs. You may want to try combining your progress history with your exercise and meal history. Or, calculate your calorie and macronutrient ratio changes over time to understand your nutrition at a deeper level. The possibilities are endless.

You can also print your files and share them with your personal trainer, nutritionist, registered dietician, friends or family members.

For more details on about getting the most out of your information, click here.

Explore MyFitnessPal Premium

MyFitnessPal Premium members can enjoy this feature on both Android and iOS. If you’d like to sign up for MyFitnessPal Premium, click here.

Upgrade to the latest version of the app (if you haven’t already) to start using this feature today!

Be sure to look out for more exciting Premium features coming soon.

We hope you enjoy and happy tracking!


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