The “Ex” Rated Guide to Solo Travel After 60


Today, women over 60 are shattering aging stereotypes in many ways. Living longer and better educated, they are focused on heath and independence. They are determined to achieve well-being and self-awareness.

Pushing back against ageism, they ignore boundaries, start their own businesses and focus on positive aging.

Instead of fading gracefully into the sunset, they are dancing on beaches of Bali or Sydney, San Diego and Thailand.

Life is an Adventure of Your Own Making

Older women like me are wide eyed nomads who want to get the most out of life. We are grateful for every life experience and are imbued with the wisdom that comes from a life well lived. We are also learning to embrace and celebrate our well-earned wrinkles!

Solo Travel is Becoming the Norm for Older Women

So many women in their 60s are travelling alone, many by choice, others by life circumstances.

Solo travellers are passionate about experiences and not stuff. They are finding purpose and meaning instead of status and ego. So, we are out there travelling the world with a unique perspective on meeting new people and discovering new places.

For single women, our travel adventures are driven by our “Ex” rated priorities! Road Scholar understands this kind of woman. Their learning adventures and travel experiences are totally aligned to that passion for educational adventures. Older solo travellers are:


We are excited to be alive!

This perspective is like putting on glasses that immediately give 20/20 vision. The world is a multi-faceted crystal offering many dimensions of visual delight.

We are excited about experiencing new food, meeting local people and learning about their culture and history.

This excitement is enchanting and dynamic. Excitement is the secret sauce we add to our travel adventures in making a new town, city or country glow with vibrant color.

Road Scholar understands this kind of adventurous and curious woman! For example Road Scholar offers a wonderful series of Independent educational learning opportunities focused on culture, art and history in places like Amsterdam or Prague.


After decades on the planet, older women have stories to tell.

They may be mothers, caregivers, grandmothers and professional women, but they have adventure in their hearts.

Wanting to try new things, these extreme travellers are not afraid to step outside their comfort zone. They are ready to push the boundaries and experiment with their own endurance and sense of adventure!

This is why programs like Amazon to the Galapagos or Antarctica and just perfect!

solo travel road scholarsolo travel road scholar


Travel for most people of all ages is about exploration. Every time I arrive in a new city and sit down in a small local café with my map and guidebook in hand, I feel like a modern-day explorer full of curiosity and wonder.

There is a sense of possibility and potential. I wonder how the trip will unfold, what will I discover – about myself and about the place?

The Road Scholar Canadian Explorer is a great example of an expedition into the unknown. It is a journey by train though cities and wilderness of Canada, discovering culture in Montreal, cuisine in Toronto and amazing views in the Canadian Rockies.


Life is not to be lived in the middle lane anymore. Most solo travellers I know are extraordinary women who have faced challenges, lived thought loss, pain and sadness.

They really are the most beautiful people who have confronted their fears and not allowed disappointment to hold them back. I have had so many conversations with fellow travellers that have brought tears to my eyes. The strength and resilience of older solo travellers is remarkable.

Many women have been wanting to travel all their lives. Road Scholar offers places that have been on bucket lists for years. Learning adventures like the Historic Shrines and Scenic Beauty of Northern Japan or Great Composers of Europe are a must for single women travellers like me.

Perhaps discovering family history is important and Central Europe has been calling. For the adventurous and curious sea loving learner, the Road Scholar World Academy can take you around the world in 115 days.

road scholar solo travelroad scholar solo travel


Older women are taking advantage of a little more free time to explore their passions for writing, painting and crafts.

Learning is at the heart of Road Scholar programs like The Palette of the Ozarks, Watercolor for Beginners.

What about Sedona Plein Air Workshop or Do Re Mi: A Broadway Singing Experience in the Pocono Mountains. Perhaps Holiday Crafts or Glass Beading or Stained Glass workshop.

After all, expressing one’s creative self is one of the most beautiful journeys of transformation!

What do you think are the most important character traits needed for solo travel? Is it a sense of exploration, a curiosity about the unknown, an experimental nature or just love of the unknown? Please join the conversation!

This sponsored post was written with love by Margaret Manning.

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