The Joys of Educational Travel with Grandchildren


Smith College, in the 1960s, was a hotbed of social activism. Students on the all-female campus stood up not just for women’s rights, but for human rights.

One student in particular made her life’s work to make the world a better place. From contributing to President John F. Kennedy’s “War on Poverty” to serving in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone to a career as a teacher, Lee has always believed that education is society’s great equalizer.

Married for more than 50 years, Lee still remains passionate and curious about the world around her, and her husband, Michael, are passing on that perspective on to their grandchildren.

A Multi-Generational Adventure to Remember

Educational travel RoadscholarEducational travel RoadscholarIn 2016, they discovered educational travel with Road Scholar, accompanying 11-year-old Owen to New York City on an Intergenerational learning adventure, “Showtime! Your Broadway Adventure Begins.”

They learned about the life of a child actor from the actor himself, attended two Broadway productions and learned from theater professionals all that goes on behind the curtain to create a hit production.

“I’ve developed and led many spring vacation and summer trips for students,” Lee says, “So, I have really high standards for what makes a superior travel and learning experience.”

Lee was an educator at the University of Chicago, Tufts University and two of the East’s prestigious prep schools, where she led students on spring and summer trips. Michael worked in admissions at Amherst, Tufts, MIT and the University of Chicago, priding himself on the fresh perspective he brought to the admissions process.

Their Fresh Approach to Learning Hasn’t Waned

Michael is exploring his passion for music. Lee volunteers for a local Learning in Retirement organization. And their love for travel grows. They have bookmarked another Intergenerational adventure next year with their other grandson, 10-year-old James.

Their policy is to let their grandchildren choose a learning adventure when they turn 11. It’s a special bonding experience for grandchild and grandparent alike.

“We are thrilled that we found Road Scholar,” Lee says, “and can now share such rich experiences with our grandchildren. The time we spend alone with them, away from their parents, gives us a marvelous mirror into their development.”

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Do you ever get to travel with your grandchildren? What was the best trip that you took together? Please join the conversation and don’t forget to check our Road Scholar’s amazing adventures.

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