The New Year’s Resolution that Will Save You the Most in Health Care Costs


Just the
other day, I was talking with one of my clients, and we both couldn’t believe
that it was almost the new year! Of course, we started talking about New Year’s
resolutions and whether or not we participated in this ritual.

I said I
did, perhaps informally. She mentioned trying to spend less money next year,
and I thought about my latest resolutions to eat healthier.

As we
discussed a little further, I realized that our resolutions intersected in a
fascinating way. Not only on a personal level, but on a world-wide scale.

conversation led me to my 2020 New Year’s resolution – to tell as many people
as I can about the resolution that can save them the most money in health care

So, here it is:

Stop Eating Sugar

Sugar consumption is a world-wide problem and a personal problem that is costing individuals thousands and countries trillions of dollars.
Personal Sugar Elimination Savings

consumption alone accounts for over a third of most people’s health care costs.
That is no joke, and a conservative estimate.

One study estimates
couples will need about $285,000 in savings to cover health care costs after
age 65. Conceivably, cutting
sugar from your diet could save you $95,000 or more on health care and drugs!

National Sugar Elimination Savings

the savings is compounded on a national level for developed countries. For
example, in the U.S., the health care system spends about $1
trillion or more per year on medical costs directly tied to excess
sugar consumption.

This is
about one third of the total U.S. health care costs. Unfortunately, other
developed countries are not far behind.

Sugar Diseases Are Not Just for Overweight People

You might
think that you don’t eat a lot of sugar, but think again. Sugar is everywhere. In fact,
it is in 74% of processed foods! From ketchup to bread, it is in a lot of the
foods we consider healthy.

However, it
is not just overweight individuals that have diseases related to sugar. In fact,
40% of all “skinny” people also have signs and symptoms of metabolic
diseases linked to excess sugar in their diets.

Here are
just a few bad effects of sugar consumption:

Sugar Makes You Fat

people show their sugar-fat to the world and some people hide the fat around
their organs, but it has the same consequences.

Sugar Makes You Sick

The list
of conditions unlocked by sugar consumption is quite long and includes diabetes,
heart disease, inflammation, tooth decay, fatty liver disease, and probably
Alzheimer’s, cancer, and early signs of aging.

Sugar Makes You an Addict

Just as
some people can be addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, others are addicted to
sugar. Take back your control.

The skin
sagging and dementia threats alone should have you tossing out the cookies!

What to Do? Setting Your Sugar Reducing Resolution

The good
news is that we can reverse some or most of the negative effects of sugar on
the body and mind. Moreover, doing so will save you over 30% on your health
costs now and in the future.

Just think
about how much money you could save in drug costs alone if you could stop
taking drugs related to metabolic diseases.

or significantly reducing sugar in your diet this year should be at the top of
your Resolutions List. However, it’s not an easy one to tackle, and it’s one
you can add back every year. As you know, it’s a life-long journey to eat
healthy, and so we should commit to it every day.

My Sugar Reducing Journey

A couple
years ago, I went through my own sugar elimination journey. My family
overhauled our S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet) and transitioned to a low-sugar
diet. Along the way, we ended up being a low-carb family as well. As a result,
I lost 40 lbs and my husband lost 100 lbs!

We have
stuck with it too. Once you break the sugar dependency cycle, it gets easier.
We still eat cake on birthdays and chocolate on special occasions, but as a
rule, we try to have as many zero sugar days as possible.

An Evergreen Resolution

As a
Medicare Insurance Agent, and as a former yoga and wellness entrepreneur, I have
seen both sides of the coin – money and health – when it comes to the positive
effects of eliminating sugar. It is one of the most powerful New Year’s
resolutions you can set each year.

you can stop eating sugar any time of year. Whenever you happen to be reading
this, start your sugar reduction journey now. Your body, your brain, and even
your wallet will thank you for it!

This free 10-Day
Sugar Elimination Challenge
can help you to kick off your no
sugar (or very low sugar) future. It offers tips, tricks, and sample meal plans
to help you get started on your journey to better health and even saving money
just by eliminating sugar.

How much sugar do you consume? Have you been through a sugar elimination journey? Are you on the Standard American Diet? What can you say about your health and health care costs right now? Have you saved money on drugs or health care by changing your diet? We would love to hear about your experience along with any strategies that worked best for you!

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