The Only Two New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Ever Need After 60


What’s easy to do? Spend life in rigid countdown mode – ticking off backwards down to zero.

  • How many days until my child marries?
  • How many days until I become a grandmother?
  • How many days until my 65th birthday party?

We can lose track of ourselves while eagerly entangled in a waiting mode until we reach the next coveted milestone. This seems – as we get older – to be quite an appalling way to lead a life.

  • So many days until vacationing in the mountains.
  • So many days until visiting our aging parents.
  • So many days until reaching our goal weight.
  • So many days until retirement.

Getting Past the Same Old, Same Old

How many times have we vowed that the New Year will be different? That it won’t be rushed through, but savored. Have you made yourself a promise that life will not be held captive by the calendar and clock, and days won’t be viewed as something to be endured until reaching the next mile marker?

How many times have we vowed that we will zestfully relish each hour, each moment, as it unfolds and crystallizes? That we won’t be unduly influenced by the inherent messiness of life – its aches, aggravations and acrimony?

All this is uppermost in my mind as I’m coming off an exhausting, but exhilarating, eight days of family-filled mayhem surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sure, the string of family parties was invigorating and satisfying. In reality, however, after our Thanksgiving weekend of fun and frolic, we all returned to our routines, our challenges, our situations.

As this year rushes to a close, I wonder once again how we can best use the days and weeks and months in the new year to overcome some of life’s difficulties. How can we make our resolutions for change in the New Year have some sticking power?

Two Amazing Epiphanies for the New Year

Here are two epiphanies for the new year that I’d like us to embrace:

  • Do one thing that scares the hell out of us.
  • Do one thing we have tried and failed at numerous times before.

What scares me? Ditching the podium and my note cards when public speaking. What am I going to do? Register for the storytelling retreat at the John C. Campbell Folk School.

What have I repeatedly failed at? Embracing the concept of Intuitive Eating. What am I going to do differently? E-mail the author of Intuitive Eating and ask for guidance and advice.

Five Actions to Positively Impact the New Year Now

  • Pause more.
  • Rush less.
  • Allow ‘one of these days’ to give way to ‘now.’
  • Keep in mind that courage to face our adversity and devising a plan are more important than short-lived, dramatic, unsustainable actions.
  • Use, admire and cherish that which we have. Do not count anything anymore – except our blessings.

What tips can you share with us that might be valuable to someone yearning for change in the New Year? What actions did you take that led to your success and empowerment? Please join the conversation below.

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