These Playlists Were Built to Make You Better


Great music can turn a “good” workout into a “great” workout. By playing the right tunes, you can help motivate and push yourself through even the toughest gym sessions for awesome results.

That’s why we put together two playlists to help you crush your next training day — one for weight training and one for HIIT. Even better, we picked these songs because of science! That’s because choosing correct music in the right range of beats per minute (BPM) is actually shown to aid your performance.

Grab your headphones and enjoy!


When you’re working on your strength with weight training, choose music that pumps you up and gets you excited to move heavy weights. At the same time, the songs shouldn’t be too fast because it might encourage you to move too quickly and lose good technique.

Try this playlist to motivate you through the hardest workouts, long enough to last through a standard 45–60 minute training session. It’s also structured in a way to ease you into the warmups, power you through your lifts and make sure you stay strong through your finishers and cooldown.


If you’re doing a fast-paced circuit, listen to fast-paced music it can help you boost your performance and distract you from fatigue.

This playlist is designed for a short, 10–20 minute high-intensity interval session. You’ll notice these songs have faster beats per minute to help motivate you to maintain a fast pace and give it your all!


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