Top 10 Gifts That Will Be Appreciated by a Light Mature Traveller


The festive season is fast approaching, and a large portion of the population will head to the stores to buy gifts. But do you know what to get your sister, friend, or mother who loves to travel lightly? To make it easy on you, I’ve put together a list of gift ideas for light travellers.

Give a Book – Any Book – from Amazon Kindle

As I travel with an iPhone only, I read everything on it, which includes books. You can give a gift of a Kindle book, and the recipient will be able to read it on their smartphone, tablet, or dedicated Kindle reader.

The Best Carry-On Pouch

Conceived and designed in Canberra, Airpocket is the perfect pouch for your next flight. Made from stretch neoprene, Airpocket fits neatly into the seat pocket in front of you. I used my Airpocket for two weeks in Japan, both as an onboard pouch and as a day bag.

For Your Listening Pleasure

Cocoon yourself on your next flight with a pair of wireless headphones. My Bose headphones fold up into their own little travel bag. They look good enough to wear any time, not just for travel, so use them in the office, at the shops, or just at home doing your regular chores.

Clever Cosmetic Sticks

BOOM! cosmetic sticks are ideal for travel. Compact and cleverly designed, they’re like lipstick for your cheeks and brows – and even your cleavage! I used mine recently on a domestic trip, and I loved the glamour they added to my face and skin.

Washing Your Hair?

Liquid cosmetics are not practical when travelling. They can leak into your bag, you have to make sure the quantity conforms to airline rules and regulations, and they’re also heavy to carry in your one bag of luggage.

In contrast, Lush shampoo bars – compact shampoos – are light, don’t leak, and at the very least, make your bag smell terrific.

Check Your Makeup – and Your Hair

I used my Clinique compact travel mirror/brush set for 10 years before finally replacing it. This light, foldable and practical set is perfect for travel as it fits neatly into any small toiletry bag, and the brush is surprisingly efficient.

Unfortunately, these aren’t always easy to find. The set that I currently use I ordered off of eBay for about AUS$35.

Avoid Swollen Feet

I always wear compression socks on long haul flights. Scholl’s flesh-coloured socks look good, but more importantly, they minimise any uncomfortable or dangerous swelling. They’re easily available online or at your local pharmacy/general store.

Listen to the World

Give a gift that keeps on giving! A Spotify subscription is sure to please everyone. Add songs and albums to make your own playlists – or select from Spotify curated lists. I listen to my own music choice for long haul flights, car trips, or just relaxing around the house.

No More Chaffing Thighs

I think a skort – combination skirt and short – is perfect for travel. Avoid any chaffing in hot climates and make clambering over scenic settings stress free – and still look good for early evening drinks at the seaside cafe.

This skirt has the added advantage of concealed pockets for your phone or wallet. One word of warning: it is not the lightest skirt, but as it doubles up as shorts, you might consider it for your light wardrobe.

Coffee, Commuters, and Art!

You can also purchase one of Planepack’s unique art products. A travel mug suits the everyday commuter: keep your coffee hot or your drink cold in a stylish ceramic mug. Choose from a range of colours and styles. And while you’re at the site, select from a range of art t-shirts, prints, and even duvet covers.

There are tons of amazing gift ideas for people who prefer to travel with a carry-on bag only. You just need to get creative!

What do you think makes a great gift for a light traveller? What gift would you like to receive to complement your travels in the next year? Please share in the comments below!

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