Top 3 Tech-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors


Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Are they always the same? Are you looking to improve your knowledge of technology and its many uses? Why not update your old, same resolutions with tech-inspiration?

It always amazes me how quickly December rolls around once summer is over. It seems like the holidays, New Year’s included, are accelerated once the leaves are gone and the days are shorter.

Along with the traditions of Chanukah, Christmas and all that December brings, there always come the dreaded New Year’s resolutions. So many people shun this tradition, and many others make the same calorie-adjusting resolutions year after year.

If you’re looking to truly make a positive change, and avoid the cliché of broken resolutions, why not take a look at a new theme? Technology is always evolving, now quicker than ever.

While very few people have all their ducks in a row when it comes to their own personal use of tech conveniences, some of them see the opportunity as the clock strikes midnight on January 1 as a way to tackle the data overload.

Photos are unorganized, address books are out of date, password updates are avoided, backups… who does backups? This year you can turn your stale resolution tradition completely inside out and resolve to:

Learn Something New

A lot of people enjoy comfort zones, myself included, when it comes to technology and innovation. I’ve put off projects simply because I was content with the status quo, despite knowing a more efficient method existed.

Why not use this year’s resolution to choose one task that you’ve been avoiding and upgrade your lifestyle?

Are you tired of managing your schedule with a traditional agenda? Would you benefit from a shared calendar that you can synchronize with family members? Read about the best time management apps and see if you can save paper while you’re at it.

Are you forever running to the store to get one last thing because you have forgotten to write a grocery list? Would you like to save money by planning your meals around coupons and specials?

Read about shopping apps designed to manage your list, seek out the best prices and keep you on track for spending.

If you’re really looking to upgrade your daily chores, research some smart home gadgets like Google Home Mini or Alexa. You can manage your thermostat remotely as to avoid heating your home while you’re out, without freezing the plants and pipes!

Master Something Old

For those of you that are indeed going to make fitness-inspired resolutions, and know that somewhere back in your mind they might not last, try learning how to manage health, diet and activity with a smart phone.

There are endless free apps designed for fitness and health, with everybody’s personal needs catered to.

There’s yoga, pilates, weights, cardio, walking, running, stretching, nutrition, motivation – everything under the sun, that can be used as a compliment to an existing regimen or used to inspire good health.

If you’re not a smart phone user, read about activity and fitness trackers that are independent of smart phones. The technology doesn’t have to replace the social side of exercise; it can be used to encourage you with social media and other features.

Organize Something Better

If you can honestly say that all your digital pictures, address book contacts, personal files, family budget, shopping lists and every other bit of daily data is organized and up to date, you can stop reading now.

If not, use your 2019 resolution to kick those tasks out of the park! Organize your pics and share online albums with family members who are far away.

Learn a new budgeting app that will expose unnecessary spending and help you take one extra trip next year. Master your smart phone and cancel that LAN line.

Happy New Year everyone!

Maybe all that organizing will inspire you to keep track of your resolution with an app! What apps do you use to keep your life organized? What resolutions are you making for the new year that involve a technology solution? Please join the conversation below.

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