Traveling in Dodgy Times: What Can You Do to Stay Safe?


you are anything like me, you must be wondering (if you’ll pardon the old
adage) whether the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Truth be told, there
really isn’t anything new under the sun – the technology just wasn’t there to
keep us posted.

news is now in our faces 24/7, and some days all I want is to just turn
it off!
We all know the major news events of the past weeks:

  • Countries shaking their
    sabres at each other, ignoring the fact that their citizens simply want to raise
    their families in peace, and
  • Australia’s fires, which
    threaten to consume an entire continent worth of living creatures. In truth,
    the land down under has experienced 50-degree temperatures before (in the
    1800s) but back then there was no Internet to share the scary details.

don’t want to make light of the world’s problems, but I can’t control them on a
personal level. So what is my answer to surviving all this craziness?

your best life, help where you can, be kind to those around you, and keep well
intended advice to yourself.

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

down from my soapbox, I turn to something I can control. When it comes to
travel, I believe the best way to handle such confusing times is to remain
positive, flexible, and not let anything stop you from enjoying life on your
terms. Most likely, it will be something else tomorrow.

few weeks ago, I saw a picture post of a swimming pool overhanging the rooftop
of a luxury hotel with nothing but the street far below. The writer wanted to
know if anyone was brave enough to swim in it.

replies where, “No way!” My response: “No problem.” I firmly believe my destiny
is not to fall to my death through the bottom of a swimming pool.

“I have not ceased being
fearful, but I have ceased to let fear control me.” – Erica Jong

Let’s Get Serious About Safety

world’s most reputable travel operators
– cruise lines, hoteliers, tour outfitters, and airlines – want to keep not
only their guests safe, but their employees, guides, pilots, properties, and of
course, their good names.

seen crisis come and go, these people have boots on the ground everywhere and come
with backup plans B through Z. Their brands, reputations, and YOU are very,
very important to them!

Keep on Moving!

through your bucket-list and choose where you would feel comfortable vacationing.
Australia is still a great destination but for some, air quality is a priority.
Instead of combining Australia with New Zealand, what about Fiji?

a different island in Hawaii or a whole new region of Italy, visit Scotland
while summer weather, castle ruins, and golf are on the menu, attend NYC
Fashion Week, explore Antarctica, cruise the Norwegian fjords, or B&B and
barge Belgium.

a secret destination in mind? The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, the Alamo? San
Antonio (where the Alamo is located) is a beautiful, culturally diverse city.
You might be surprised to find yourself eating al fresco or sipping a glass of
wine beside one of its lovely canals.


about a staycation? Speaking of my favourite place on earth, you could easily spend
a couple of weeks on the spectacular Vancouver
Island – golfing, yachting, shopping, whale
watching, and exploring old growth forests. And if you’re an American, just
think about that fantastic exchange rate!

What If Something Should Go Sideways?

even think of going on your next adventure without insuring it. This is a huge
investment of your time and money, and it is worth protecting. If you are
unfamiliar with travel protection,
ask! If you want someone who has your back virtually 24/7, hire a travel

a big world. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Time waits for no man and
there is no pause button.

are your travel suggestions for 2020? Are you afraid of travel in difficult
times? What is one thing that can thwart your travel plans? Join the

Let\’s Have a Conversation!


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