What Travel Essentials Will You Never Leave Home Without?


I remember the day that I added a “money belt” to my list of travel essentials like it was yesterday. A few years ago, I was visiting some friends in Milan, when someone bumped into me in a crowded street. I looked around, annoyed at being almost knocked over, but, I couldn’t see who was responsible.

10 minutes later, when I stopped to purchase a coffee, I realized that my wallet and my brand new iPhone had been stolen. Fortunately, my son and his wife were both in Milan as well. For the next 3 hours, tears of frustration in my eyes, we called credit card companies and reported the theft to the police.

At the time, I was so annoyed with myself. “How could I be so stupid?” I thought to myself. Wiping my eyes, I decided to never let this happen to me again. Now, I leave all of my credit cards, except for one, in the hotel safe. I installed a phone tracking app on my next iPhone. I even purchased an Eagle Creek money belt.

I’m happy to say that, with these precautions, I haven’t had a repeat of my incident in Milan.

What Travel Essentials Do You Take with You?

I’m sure that all of us have stories like the one that I mentioned above. Unfortunately, it often takes a negative surprise to get us to take our safety and comfort seriously.

I’d love to hear about which products you always take with you when you travel.

Is there a particular brand of suitcase or travel backpack that you couldn’t live without?

What travel essentials help to keep you safe? Do you use a money belt?

Do you take a travel adapter with you? Which one?

Have you found a travel jacket with plenty of secret pouches?

What other items do you love?

What are your favorite travel essentials? Have you had any travel experiences that convinced you to buy a new travel item? Which one? Please join the conversation!

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