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Christy Overcame Bullying and Lost 100 Pounds

It was 2016 when Christy Justus was just starting a date night with her husband. As she slid into a restaurant booth, she made a startling discovery: She couldn’t fit. As she tried to scoot furt

Earn Your Favorite Halloween Candy [Infographic]

Halloween is full of festive activities, including the trick-or-treating tradition for both young and old alike. With candy around every corner it may feel difficult to practice moderation. A fu

5 Fool-Proof Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Aaahh, the smell of roasting turkey. Sounds of jingle bells and children’s red-cheeked laughter. Visions of shiny wrapping paper and sparkly trees and glowing menorahs. Joy and connection. The happiest time of the year. Except when it isn’t...

Why You Should Visit Adelaide – Australia’s Most Cosmopolitan...

Adelaide is everything you want in a city. It has charm and sophistication, a whole lot of energy and oodles of history. Certainly, it’s a destination that will surprise and inspire...

4 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Fall – Plus...

Autumn is the season when we need to boost our immunity and prepare for the winter months. Here are several nutrition tips for good health.

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10 Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Health and Beauty

It may not be the most pleasant-smelling essential oil you come across, but there’s no denying tea tree oil’s potency. It’s been proven effective against skin conditions, used as a disinfectant, and s

Kicking Sugar and 19 More Non-Scale Victories by MyFitnessPal...

Our MyFitnessPal users inspire us every day by achieving personal goals that go beyond a number on a scale. From completing a first half-marathon to holding a 1,150-day logging streak, here are

This 60-Year-Old Power Walker’s Next Goal: Another 3,100-Mile Race

It was love at first step for Yolanda Holder. Power walking had always been a part of this Californian’s fitness regimen, but it wasn’t until her 50th birthday that she decided it was time to st

What I Learned While Planning for My Next Bucket...

Next month I will embark on an exciting bucket list adventure that scares the daylights out of me - travelling to a foreign country for one month. Alone. Not knowing the language. It is shameful that I have reached the mature age of 68 without being able to speak a second language!
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Have a Vegan Friend? Avoid Making These 10 Common...

With the growth of the world’s vegan population, sooner or later you are going to be faced with the need to buy a gift for a vegan. If you are not a vegan yourself, this can be daunting...

Embrace Perseverance and Get More from Life After 60

Have you recently experienced a loss or failed at something that was important to you? At its extreme, regret is destructive and can lead to feelings of withdrawal and hopelessness. Despite our valiant attempts at “positive self-talk,” we sometimes just don’t feel motivated to get on with life. Part of the solution is to see perseverance as a worthy goal...

Can We Look at Assisted Living as an Aging...

Most people don't consider assisted living communities as a possibility to age in place. But it can be and here's why.

Road Scholar’s “Living and Learning” Programs Offer 6-Week Language...

The first wave of baby boomers have reached retirement age, and have not lost their wanderlust or desire to explore the world on their own terms. With that in mind, Road Scholar has unveiled its new “Living and Learning” series, in which adventurers are immersed for six weeks in the language and culture of one of six cities worldwide...

What Is the Endocannabinoid System?

The history of cannabis use is a long one, stretching as far back as 5,000 years. It’s one of the first plants to have been used as a medicine, but it was also used recreationally and for religious ce

7 Liberating Truths That Will Keep Your Aging Body...

It’s that time of the year. Over the Holidays, people indulge on food like it’s their last meal while planning how, after New Year’s Day, they are going to start a new diet and lose weight. Many will attempt the latest cleanse, detox, diet craze, or diet...

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Family Gatherings Not Your Thing? You Can Still Have...

There’s usually no way to avoid a holiday get-together. If you’ve got a large family or live far from your parents or siblings, chances are you’re heading to a relative’s house this month. Or, perhaps you’ve got your own circle of friends and prefer a more sedate dinner...

The Art of Asking For Help

Asking for help may feel challenging, uncomfortable, or downright impossible at times. Where to even begin? Read on to learn the art of asking for help, along with the health benefits of reaching out

a Woman's Natural Guide to Pain-Free Periods

Painful periods are a fact of life for up to 90 percent of women. But do they have to be? You can minimize or eliminate your period pain by addressing your diet, lifestyle, and nutrition, and with car

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