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Breathe Deeply …

It’s a new morning. You open the windows … you breathe in deeply … your upper body expands … and a feeling of calmness settles in. Your body’s hunger for deeper breathing has been temporarily satisfie

Want to Look 10 Years Younger? Start Acting 10...

For my 14th birthday, my mother gave me a copy of Sue Townsend’s “Adrian Mole Aged 11 3/4” – a humorous children’s book. In it, she wrote “To our daughter – a female Peter Pan.” I was thrilled. I have always acted in a semi-juvenile fashion. That is to say, I laugh a lot at everything (and no doubt irritate many people while I do so). I can’t help it. I just happen to see the ridiculous in ordinary situations...

How the Chaplain Entertains at My CCRC

Senior living communities offer plenty of entertainment. But when the resident chaplain entertains, things can get really... interesting!

Why It’s Important to Prepare Elderly Loved Ones for...

Emergencies happen when we least expect them - a pandemic, a hurricane, a flood, a fire. Have you planned for an emergency?

Forget Scented Candles! 4 Christmas Gifts for Grandma that...

What are the best Christmas gifts for grandma? Well, as the leader of a community with 100,000s of grandmas, let me start by telling you what NOT to get… candles, slippers, clothes or bath salts! If we wanted any of those things, we would get them ourselves...
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Alone on Valentine’s Day? This Year, Be Your Own...

Remember those days when, as a child, you gave little heart-shaped Valentines and then waited and hoped you’d get some yourself? Well, no more waiting and hoping. Why not send and receive a Valentine from the person who knows you best: you!

7 Things Every Woman Over 60 Should Take with...

How daunting it is to pack for your holiday! It is confusing, tricky and frustrating, but I think I got it right – now, after 6 years. Since 2013, I have been travelling the world...

Health Experts Say: Stay Healthy!

With the whole world clamouring for information during the rapid spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 disease, the global public health community has been echoing a message familiar to all propone

A Gut Feeling about Body Weight

You’re unlikely to hear a brass fanfare when you reach for the carrot sticks instead of the cookies, nor wild applause when you lace up your shoes for an evening walk instead of collapsing onto the co


20 More Non-Scale Victories by MyFitnessPal Users

Simply: We are proud of you. MyFitnessPal users are about making lasting changes that lead to healthier lives. If you’re here to lose weight, eat better or get moving, we’re impressed by your co

5 Tricks that Kept Me Healthy When I Was...

I recently made a career shift that resulted in a new full-time job, but, during the transition, there was a time when I had no income—or any money at all for that matter. Aside from being more

Ashwagandha: The Stress Supplement You Might Need Right Now

A fast-approaching deadline. The first tickly signs of a cough. Spilled coffee all over your new white sweater. Sources of stress are everywhere these days. If your life has been feeling extra hectic,

12 Ways to Save Money and Have Fun as...

Are you already a staycation expert? Have you ever thought of becoming a tourist in your own home town? The stay-at-home vacation is becoming increasingly popular and with these immediate benefits...

Ode to that Sweaty Guy at the Gym

To that guy with the Tarzan flow drenching the treadmill with his own personal monsoon: Pay no attention to the glares as those machines around you empty. You didn’t come to the gym to make frie

The Crazy (Often Funny) Truth About Finding a Toilet...

Most of us 60-somethings do a lot of research before we grab our bags and head off on a trip abroad. We make sure our passport is up-to-date, that we have the necessary visas, ensure we have proper immunization requirements, a map of the area we’re visiting...

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Do You Avoid Doctors? Which of These 6 Excuses...

I actually like seeing Dr. Delfs. Because I see her regularly, she knows me and shows an interest in both my life and my health. She makes me feel better, emotionally and physically, when I visit. Well – usually. I’ve just learned that...

Improve Your Health at the Cellular Level

The word \"cell,\" derived from the Latin for cella or “small room,” describes the tiny biological structures from which all life is built. The human body consists of trillions of cells in total and hun

My Famous, Weekend Brunch, French Toast Recipe

Weekend brunch - or any breakfast really - can be made to perfection with some experimenting. Here's a yummy French toast recipe.

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