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10 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered a top source of healthy fats. There are three grades of olive oil: extra virgin, virgin, and refined, with extra virgin being the least processed and refined being the most pro

Eat, Stay, Love

Come February, many of us rush to buy chocolates and make dinner reservations to show our affection for our partners or spouses. But what if you gift each other something better this year? Rather than

6 Ways to Stay Motivated This Summer

Taking vacations, fancying lazy summer days and choosing a beach day over a long run causes motivation to wane this time of year. To combat these fitness de-motivators, take action steps to whip

No Money for Gifts? Be Mindful Instead

Giving mindful gifts is oftentimes way better - and more meaningful! - than buying things. After all, who needs more clutter these days?

Ever Thought of Taking a Road Trip in Spain?...

Road tripping around Spain is something we have always wanted to do. Did you see the popular TV series called “Spain On the Road Again?” People had wild times driving convertibles, eating tapas, drinking, eating some more and exploring Spanish culture...
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Don't Let Regrets Keep You from Enjoying the Holidays

As the holiday season is upon us – with friends and families making plans to get together, stores filled to the rafters with gifts to give to loved ones, airports and train-stations jammed with travelers hurrying to their joyful destinations...

What Are Your Favorite Christmas Memories and Traditions?

Everyone remembers Christmas - the lucky ones amongst us will have fond memories of family traditions from an early age. Excitement begins to mount with the arrival of the Christmas tree and the boxes of decorations dug out of the attic. Our decorations go back generations...

5 Happy Holiday Tips for Older Women Who Like...

For me, the journey begins long before I depart. I love the planning, preparing, and packing before I go. What I have discovered is, the more organized I am, the more I can relax and enjoy the trip...

Learning to Breathe

On April 17, 2013, Stig Åvall Severinsen perched on the edge of a hole through a frozen lake in Greenland. His bare legs dangled into the dark, frigid water. He wore only swimming trunks. A moment lat
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Filtering + Sorting Come To MyFitnessPal Restaurant Logging

If you haven’t already heard, we recently released a new feature called Restaurant Logging. We’ve been working on Restaurant Logging for a long time and have been so happy to hear from our users

4 Ways to Reinvent Holiday Traditions to Fit Your...

For many, the holidays are a time of tradition and ritual. At this time of year we often fall back on the celebration habits we have formed over time. Read on for ideas of how to reinvent holiday traditions in ways that serve you...

How to Handle the Fear of a Health Emergency...

This is the scenario no one wants to imagine. I went on an Alaskan cruise, healthy and fit, and ended up leaving the ship in an ambulance for the emergency room of the local Ketchikan hospital...

How to Learn to Like Running

I’ve completed three marathons, but I wasn’t born with an I-love-running gene. In middle school I dreaded the mile, and I dragged my feet the entire four laps when physical fitness testing came

How to Get Back on Track After Eating That...

It’s late. You’ve just had a hell of a day juggling your job, kids, expectations and never really being able to step away from your inbox because you have a smartphone. You finally make it home

Your Belly’s New Bestie?

Everyone has a stake in good gut health—whether you deal with occasional gas and bloating or a more severe condition like IBD. The good news? Sweet relief could be just around the corner. Research is

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6 Ways to Help Yourself Through the Hard Times...

While it’s tempting to deny what’s happening and put on a happy face, that only prolongs the grief. If we stuff these feelings, they will eventually surface. And we might not like how that happens...

Singles Cruises for Sensible Women: Looking Beyond the Booze...

When you think about singles cruises, what images enter your mind? Do you picture a giant floating party – a tin bucket filled with grabby, alcohol-fueled, strangers with one thing on their minds?

She Lost 215 Pounds With This Mantra: ‘Weight Loss...

As if being a mother of twins wasn’t hard enough, Roxanne Crozier was finding it harder and harder to make time to take care of herself. At the beginning of last year, she was knee-deep in looki
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